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The best pizza in Hatboro: a local guide

If there's a reason why Hatboro is known for thin-crust pizza, it could be because basic dry goods like flour have not always been in plentiful supply in the town. In bygone days before adequate road connections were established and there was no railway running to the community, there were often shortages of certain ingredients. That meant making what they had go just that little bit further and one way the pizza chefs could do that was by rolling their dough out thinner. Thin crust pizza isn't a new invention by any means and not something that the pizzerias in Hatboro can lay claim to having created. What they do do though is make it exceptionally wel,l along with the other types of pie like Sicilian, Roman, and that Pennsylvanian state variation adapted from Greek-style pizza known as Philadelphia-style.

Best delivery pizza in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

When you see the shamrock logo of the Quigs Pizzeria and Grill, don't be put off. Rather than being Irish, they really are Italian at heart and can easily lay claim to baking the best delivery pizza in Hatboro. Quigs Pizzeria is over on North York Road and operates out of a professional-looking premises with a super stainless steel kitchen. The dining area is furnished in a spartan contemporary style that, while it might not garner any interior design awards, is clean and functional. What comes out of their kitchen in pizza form is by far the most important though, and these guys don't hold anything back. A favorite way of cutting pizza at Quigs is Grandma-style. That doesn't mean they're square, but rather they like to cut their pizzas in this traditional way whether it's a Chicken Italiano or a vegan Bruschetta. They really do know just how to deliver a great pizza.

Best takeout pizza in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Pulling up at Frank's Pizza on West County Line Road for a pie is a good decision as you'll be about to get the best take-out pizza in Hatboro. Once you're through the door, you may well feel as if you've suddenly been transported to the sunny coast of Italy as every wall inside Frank's is painted with amazing sea views. The artwork is very distracting, but probably not distracting enough to take your mind away from the sight of the pizzas lined up on the serving counter. Those pies are definitely a sight for sore eyes and convenient if you're in a rush to grab a slice and go. Frank's cooks whole pizzas to order so if you want a full one, you'll have a couple of extra minutes to enjoy the splashes of Mediterranean blue on the walls before you're handed your boxed pie. The Naples square pizza comes highly recommended.

Best pizza near Hatboro, Pennsylvania


You won't have far to drive from Hatboro if you want to spend some time getting back to nature. Just ten miles east, bordering the town of Newtown, is the Tyler State Park. There you can get lost in around two thousand acres of woodlands full of wildlife like turkeys, foxes, and beavers. If you picked up a pizza from the Meglio Pizzeria on Sycamore Street to take with you, eat it before you get there or you could find yourself sharing your pie with a bear. If all that sounds just a little too adventurous, stay in Newtown and do the town's heritage walk instead.


When you've got kids to entertain, load them in the car and head for Levittown. It's just a twenty-five-minute drive and before you get into the main part of the city, the kids will be screaming with delight, as they'll probably spot the signs for Sesame Place long before you do. Make sure you pack the kids’ swimming things as Sesame Place is a theme park with water slides as well as lots of Sesame Street-themed amusement rides. When the kids have had enough of cuddling the Cookie Monster, head into Levittown for a pizza at Pizza Star on Woerner Street.

King of Prussia

There's only one place to go from Hatboro when you want to get some retail therapy and that's to King of Prussia. Make a day of it as there you'll find the biggest shopping mall in North America, and it's one you won't be able to get around in half an hour. If the shopping gets too much, you can always escape to the nearby Valley Forge National Historical Park or the Evansburg State Park for a change of atmosphere. Whichever you choose to do, make time for a pizza at the rustic pizzeria called Little Sicily Pizza on Crooked Lane.

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