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Havertown Pizza Introduction Havertown is a suburban area near Philadelphia. The city receives a strong influence from Philly when it comes to pizza. The Detroit style is very popular there and has impacted the types of pizza people enjoy in Havertown.

The people living here appreciate having fast service when it comes to food. The pizzas are prepared and delivered promptly, so you can enjoy your meal in no time! The locals also appreciate having options for quality takeout.

Overall, Havertown is a unique and wonderful community. You’ll want to try all the local pizza places, so you can get the complete experience. There are many different places that offer amazing service in the area.

We’ll be covering all of the best Havertown pizza places on this page, so make sure to continue reading. We’re confident that you’ll find your new go-to pizza place out of all the options in this guide.

Recommended Pizzerias in Havertown

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Slice It Up Pizza & Catering logo
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Havertown is Known For Detroit Style Pizza

In Havertown, PA you’ll find the Detroit-style pizza the most often. This pizza is a type of Sicilian pizza, however, the crust is square. This is the most prominent feature of the pie, which comes from the shape of the pan it’s cooked in.

The toppings are also placed on the pizza in reverse order. You start with your meat and veggies, then the cheese, and finally the sauce. Many locals refer to this as a “red top” pizza. This method helps to prevent the crust from getting soggy. Which is good since the Detroit style uses a lot of crust!

The pizza also can be eaten with silverware. However, each person has their own preferences for eating a Detroit pizza. The style also lends itself to making large pies, which is perfect for enjoying a meal with family and friends.

If you’re in Havertown, you’ll want to try a classic slice of Detroit-style pizza when you have the chance!

Best Delivery Pizza in Havertown

If you’re searching for the best pizza delivery in Havertown, then you’ll need to order from Boardwalk Vegan. The pizza place has a massive menu- all of which is vegan! You won’t be able to tell the difference in taste from a traditional pizza, either.

Many people love the tofu ravioli, the Baby Venice Pizza, and the lemonade served at this pizzeria. You’ll want to try out everything on their menu since it’s all very delicious. They also offer a thick crust and delicious sauces on their pizza. You’ll be able to choose from several different toppings as well.

Overall, this pizzeria has fast delivery. You could be enjoying your dinner from this place in no time at all! If you need something hot and quick for dinner tonight, Boardwalk Vegan would be one of the best options for you.

Best Takeout Pizza in Havertown

If you’re already out and about, takeout would be a more convenient option for you. You’ll want to try out Slice It Up Pizza & Catering. They are very fast, so you can be sure your meal is prepared and ready for you when you arrive.

The location's most popular pizzas include the White Pizza and the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Their hoagies and sides are also very delicious. The store is also very generous with the toppings they use.

Customers also appreciated that the place was right in the middle of Havertown. You’ll likely have to drive past it at some point in your day- making it an excellent place to stop for your takeout. The quality of the food is wonderful and everything is made in the restaurant fresh.

Finally, the pizzeria is very prompt with their service. They are also very accurate. When they tell you it’ll be about 45 minutes, your food should be done right on time!

Best Pizza Near Havertown


The Pizza Plus in Philly offers some of the best pan pizzas. They also have many sides, smash burgers, and buffalo chicken sandwiches. You can even enjoy hand-tossed pies from this pizzeria.


Alfredo’s Pizza in Broomall has some of the best pizza around. They serve New York slices, which are the same size as a paper plate! They have many options for toppings and always make sure to add a lot of them to your slice.


Sciarrino’s Pizzeria offers some of the best values on their menu. You get a hot pie, with plenty of warm, gooey cheese and lots of toppings. The location is well known for having great prices, so you should be able to order anything you want from them.


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