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The best pizza in Indiana: a local guide

Settlers first began to arrive to occupy the terrains where Indiana is today around the end of the 18th century. After much of the surrounding forest had been cleared, it was discovered that the area was rich in coal. Soon the mining industry had brought numerous new families to the rapidly developing town and while the men were employed in the mines, the women took care of their homes. Indiana's growth was further impulsed by the installation of the University of Indiana in the town. The university was, and still is, a major employer in Indiana and many people relocated to the town to work at the educational institution. When mining activities went into decline, they were replaced by the production of natural gas and Indiana continued to evolve. Several Italian families were attracted to the Pennsylvania town and decided it was the perfect place to fulfil their dreams of opening restaurants. That they did and by the 1960s, the first pizzerias in Indiana had opened their doors.

Indiana in Pennsylvania is known for White Pizza

Why Indiana is known for white pizza is something of a mystery, but it's the type of pie that features most heavily on the menus of the pizzerias in Indiana. It could be that the locals have an aversion to tomato sauce, or that there was a shortage of tomatoes at some time in the past and that's what people grew accustomed to, but no-one knows for sure. While Indiana may be known for white pizza that doesn't mean that's the only type of pizza you can get there.You can get red pizzas too and both kinds with a variety of base types including thick, thin and Sicilian-style. There's no need to have a panic attack if your pet hate is Alfredo sauce as you'll soon find a pizza to your liking at any of the pizzerias in Indiana.

Best Delivery Pizza in Indiana, Pennsylvania

When you want the best delivery pizza in Indiana you need to order from a pizzeria that has an efficient and organised team working for them. One such pizzeria in Indiana is Italian Village Pizza who know just how important it is to consistently send out first-class pies. Italian Village Pizza has a medium sized premises on Philadelphia Street which is basically furnished inside and is reminiscent of a burger bar. There's no mistaking what this pizza joint cooks though as they dispatch pies by the dozen. In fact, watch them work during the busy hours and the chefs will be a blur as they whizz around the kitchen prepping orders ready to send out.

Best Takeout in Indiana, Pennsylvania

If you're studying hard at the university and have taken a walk to get some fresh air and exercise when hunger strikes, don't worry, you won't be hungry for long. You're within easy walking distance of where you can get the best take-out pizza in Indiana. Where's that? You'll find the best take-out pizza in Indiana is made at the Venice Cafe and Pizza which is on South 13th Street. Venice Cafe and Pizza has an independent premises that's not much to look at from the outside and is pretty basic inside though it does have some nice pictures of Venice on the walls. What's not nondescript here are the pies they produce so ignore the décor and prepare your taste buds. Two super pies to pick up to take out are the Seafood Alfredo and the Buffalo Chicken.

Best Pizza near Indiana, Pennsylvania

Ford City

Is there a good reason to make the thirty mile trip from Indiana to Ford City? Probably only two. The first is to spend the day exploring the Crooked Creek Lake Recreation Area. The stunning lake in the middle of the Pennsylvanian countryside is a real getaway sort of place. There are miles of scenic shoreline to hike around, a superb swim beach, boat ramps for boats if you have one, great kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding plus a nine hole disc golf course. The second good reason to head for Ford City is to eat pie at the Pizzaria on 11th Street.


If you can manage to type Punxsutawney into your navigational app without making a mistake you'll be doing well. Punxsutawney is a rural town half an hour's drive northeast of Indiana where there are some weird and wonderful things to do. A must-do is a visit to Gobbler's Knob which is a local landmark and to hike the short trail there which is adorned with metal sculptures. Punxsutawney has its own groundhog mascot and if you have kids, or you're a big kid yourself, they'll love a visit to Phil's Burrow as well as going around Punxsutawney searching for the thirty-two groundhog statues. You can pick up a map of locations from the Chamber of Commerce, but believe it, these six-foot tall groundhogs are hard to miss. Finish the day with a pizza at Laska's Pizza on Main Street and everyone will be happy.


Dubois is probably the most uninteresting city in Pennsylvania, but it's still worth making the forty minute journey from Indian to there if only to spend a few peaceful hours in the Moshannon State Forest. You won't see it all in one day or even in a week as the forest covers almost two-hundred thousand acres. What you will be able to enjoy are the amazing hiking and cycling trails, fantastic wildlife spotting and the absence of any great number of other human beings. When you make it out of the trees and back to DuBois, you'll find a decent pizza is made at Fox's Pizza Den on DuBois Avenue.

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