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The best pizza in Kingston: a local guide

However, the area is mostly known for the old forge pizza. If you live in the area, you know that restaurants there take the style very seriously. Each pizza is going to turn out unique and delicious, since there are many different options that you can use to make an old forge pizza.

Old forge pizzas can be made in their usual style, but they can also be stuffed- which means that they come with a layer of dough on the top and bottom of the pizza. This additional layer is normally added to an old forge pizza that uses a white sauce.

Overall, these pizzas are delicious. You will find big blobs of cheese and all of your toppings in the center of the pizza. The old forge style of pizza originated in the nearby town called Old Forge, which is about 20 minutes away from Kingston. It did not take long for the style to spread here back in the 1930s.

Best Delivery in Kingston

The best delivery in Kingston would have to be from AmberDonia. The store is fast and always brings your order while it is still hot. Their staff also always ensure that you are satisfied and receive everything that you need to enjoy your meal at home.

The pizzeria also wood fires their pizza and uses a crunchy, thin crust. Plus, they are well known as a bakery. You can find plenty of pastries, including cupcakes, in the store. The locals love the atmosphere and you can bring your own beer if you want.

The delivery service is always prompt- so that your meal arrives while it is still fresh. You get to enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home, making it a very popular option in the area. We recommend that you try them out whenever you can!

Best Takeout Pizza in Kingston

That being said, AmberDonia also has the best takeout in the area. You can find plenty of different options and build your pizza with all of the toppings that you like. Their takeout is also prompt, so you should not have to wait too long for your order. It still helps to call in ahead of time if you are trying to fit in a quick lunch.

Their staff will start work on your order as soon as they receive it- allowing you to bring it home fresh and hot. Plus, you can also browse their beautiful cupcakes while you are inside the building. Many of their regular customers enjoy picking one up for dessert while they are there.

Overall, this is one of the best pizza places in Kingston. We recommend that you try out their delicious food whenever you have the chance. Their talented staff will be sure that you have everything that you need!

Best Pizza Near Kingston


If you live in Kingston and want to try somewhere new for pizza, Wilkes-Barre is not that far. You should only spend five minutes or so in the car. Gerry’s Pizzeria has some of the best options for you. You will find plenty of unique and different pies there, including ones where the sauce is on top of the cheese.

Old Forge

Maybe you want to try an old forge style pizza from the place it came from? If so, then you are only about 22 minutes away from the town of Old Forge. Anthony’s Restaurant is one of the best options- and they have several other Italian dishes there as well. The shop even offers gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly meals.


This city is slightly farther away from Kingston, at about 27 minutes. Alfredo’s Pizza is one of the best options. They also have several old forge style pies available in the shop, which are made using tons of toppings and plenty of gooey cheese. If you are interested, make sure to stop by the next time you are in the South Side Shopping Center.

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