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The best pizza in Lansdale: a local guide

The borough of Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania was first settled by the Jenkins Family who occupied a large expanse of land in the area before the North Pennsylvania Railroad opened up the neighborhood to more settlers. The railroad brought businesses, employment opportunities, and more buildings – in essence, significant economic development – to the area, making it a hotspot destination. The borough’s name was taken after the chief surveyor of the railroad. Today, there are artifacts and aspects of the borough that point to its history, which give history buffs something to be excited about. Even more, there are several museums, like Valley Forge National Park and Museum, that are open to visits by young and old. The borough has local theaters too where guests can catch a play before heading out for dinner at the restaurants that serve delicious pies in the community.

Lansdale is known for Neapolitan pizza

Lansdale is the home of pizza, so you can rest assured that you’ll find your favorite pizza style in the restaurants in the borough while you’re here on vacation, or when you’re simply driving through. In fact, the pizzaiolos cook mean New York, grandma, Sicilian, tomato, deep dish, stuffed, Greek, and white pies on a regular basis, just so you’re thoroughly satisfied with your meal. However, despite this, the one pie that you can’t joke with when you’re here is Neapolitan pizza. Whether the pizza chefs make the pie with mozzarella cheese or ricotta cheese, or both, it doesn’t stop the residents from enjoying every bit of the Naples-style pie that reigns supreme in the borough. The crust is thin, flat, and airy, as is typical to Neapolitan pies, and made from hand-stretched dough. Common toppings include pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, bacon, and broccoli.

Best Delivery Pizza in Lansdale

The quaint Italian restaurant that is Main Street Pizzeria & Grille on West Main Street is the first-choice pizzeria for everyone looking to get pizza delivered to them in Lansdale. To start with, the restaurant serves authentic Italian pies that always taste delicious, no matter how many times you eat it, making it such that the locals never get tired of one extra bite or box of the pizza. Moreover, every item on the menu is sourced locally and tastes fresh, making the pie hit different on one’s taste buds. The team at the restaurant makes it a priority to cater to the tiniest little detail of every customer’s order, so when you combine that with the fact that your pie will never arrive late, you’ll see why there’s no place else that gets more delivery orders than here. Place your order now on Slice to get started.

Best Takeout Pizza in Lansdale

On evenings when you’re on the way home from work or some other engagement and are too tired to start the process of cooking when you arrive, the awesome Frank’s Pizza on West 2nd Street will easily come to your rescue through their amazing takeout pizzas. You’ll even be excited about the fact that you have options to choose from – regular pizza, white pizza, Sicilian pizza, and custom-made pizza, to mention a few. The team at the restaurant are welcoming and treat every customer like family, so when you combine the warm ambiance and reception in the pizza place with the interior’s décor and beautiful seating, you’ll see why there’s no place else that attracts the locals as much as Frank’s. Even though many prefer to step into the pizzeria to pick up their order, there’s a curbside delivery service option available. Order now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Lansdale

North Wales

The borough of North Wales, south of Lansdale, was settled by Welsh immigrants which is what gave rise to its name. If you’re here, you should make sure one of the things you do is to grab a deep dish or Sicilian pizza from Montgomery Pizza on Upper State Road because you’re not going to regret it. For outdoor recreation opportunities, visit any of the parks in the community like Weingartner Park, Wee Wallers Park, Second Street Park, Ninth Street Park, The Fourth Street Park, or Eighth Street Park.


If you’ve never had Philly Tomato pie, here’s your chance to have one of the very best there is at Hatfield Pizzeria on South Main Street in the borough of Hatfield, north of Lansdale. Rest assured that you’ll wonder what you’ve been doing all along without this pie. If you’ve got more time, there are other places in Hatfield for you to explore, especially if you’re with family and/or friends, so check out Centennial Park or Heritage Park and spend some quality time bonding with your loved ones.


Head northeast to the borough of Doylestown, founded in 1745, to see breathtaking architectural masterpieces that reflect the community’s heritage. Some of the top destinations here include Mercer Mile, Nockamixon State Park, and Lake Nockamixon. Sightseeing, boating, and hiking are among the popular activities that tourists and residents enjoy here. As a pie aficionado, Giovannis On State is the place you want to be if you intend to experience the best thin-crust pies in the borough.

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