Top Pizza Restaurants in Mars, PA Near You

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The best pizza in Mars: a local guide

You might be familiar with the Neapolitan-style pizza or the New York-style pizza but for the Martians, it is the Sicilian-style pizza that is most popular. If you are hearing of it for the first time, Sicilian pizza dough is quite similar to focaccia. The major difference between the pan pizza style and the Sicilian pizza style is Sicilian pizza is usually completely covered with sauce and other amazing ingredients. There is less crust in Sicilian-style pizza so all the bread is covered with the sauce and ingredients entirely.

Best Delivery Pizza in Mars

Pennsylvania Martians should count themselves lucky because in this Mars there are so many options from which you can choose to get your pizza delivered. Want to order pizza in Mars? Your first option without a doubt should be Supremo Pizzeria. They have been around for almost 12 years now and deliver the most delicious, flavorsome pizzas in Mars and its surrounding areas. Supremo Pizzeria has been voted as the best pizza store in Mars. The Mars outlet of Supremo Pizza can accommodate around 30 people for dine-in and it also delivers in a six-mile radius. Some pizza stores in Pennsylvania do not offer curbside pickup service but Supremos do. They offer healthy pizzas, veggie pizza, wings, and much more. You can try the Supremo pizzeria for the best Mars pizza experience.

Best Take-Out Pizza in Mars

Need to get your hands on one of the tastiest, most scrumptious, and most delicious pizzas in Mars while you are out on the road? There is undoubtedly only one place where you can head to and that is Posti’s Pizza. It is the most affordable pizza shop in Mars. You can just show up there at lunch and enjoy a good New York-style pizza as the locals do. Posti’s Pizza is the most authentic pizzeria in Mars, and people do come from all around to taste their pizza. Their single slice pizza option is what most people go for. They use a good amount of sauce and cheese which are the foundation pillars of any mouthwatering pizza. Posti’s Pizza is there to make your experience a good one whenever you visit them. They do not only offer pizzas but also have some crazy wings and they offer you a wide range of flavors to choose from.

Best Pizza near Mars

Gibsonia, PA

Roma Pizzeria has been in the game for almost 30 years now. They have been serving hot, fresh, and cheesy pizzas in Gibsonia and its surrounding areas for a long time, and thei experience shows in the food they make. Apart from pizzas they also have wings, hoagies, sandwiches, calzones, salads, lunch specials, and dinner. They use their house-made dough and house-made sauces on their hand-tossed pizzas for a completely different and out-of-this-world experience.

Scharberry, PA

Luciano’s is known for its Italian cooking experience. They are the oldest in town with authentic Italian taste. They use everything fresh from dough to filling to sauce. Everything is made fresh on a daily basis. They use their homemade sauce which makes their pizza stand out from all the other pizza shops around. They use their ancestor’s recipes to this day and that’s what makes them unique. Luciano's has been in the business for more than 46 years now.

Butler, PA

Mac’s Brick Oven Pizza is a family-run local business that offers a variety of amazing pizzas. Their main goal is to make the finest and most delicious pizza. They make their exciting and mouth-watering pizza by using hand-picked ingredients which are absolutely fresh, clean, and high quality, which makes it easier to eat and digest. What makes their pizza stand out the most is the way they bake their pizza. They use dual-fire brick ovens to bake it, which makes the texture and flavor of the pizza amazing.

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