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Adequate transport links always played a major part in the development of any new settlement in North America and it was no different for Middletown in Pennsylvania after it was founded in the mid-1700s. The town began to expand after the completion of a waterway, the Union Canal, between Middletown and the neighboring city of Lancaster. The canal provided a shorter, safer, and more convenient route than the nearby Susquehanna River for transporting farm produce in and out of the borough.

Middletown was, and still is, a town with an agriculturally based economy. Very few large industries relocated there but one area on the Susquehanna River downstream of Middletown, Three Mile Island, was purchased by a power company. They used the site to build a nuclear power plant that employed a large number of local workers. After suffering a disastrous accident the plant was closed and the employees needed to find another way of earning a living. While Middletown still didn't have a population numbering more than a few thousand, it was enough potential clientele to encourage Italians in the community to open pizzerias.

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Middletown in Pennsylvania is known for New York-style pizza

The pizzeria chefs in this Pennsylvanian town are dedicated followers of fashion. The one thing they like to do when cooking is keep up with the popular food trends so Middletown is known for New York-style pizza. There's very little variation on the pie menus of Middletown but if you search hard enough you might find the odd thick crust or a Sicilian-style pizza hidden away somewhere.

New York-style pizza first arrived on the American food scene way back in the 1930s after an inventive chef decided to go all out and press his pie dough into a flatter and thinner base than what was usual at the time. For some reason, the change was a radical success and New York-style pizza was born. It became a food phenomenon and its popularity knew no bounds as pizzerias all over the country began copying the new recipe.

Best delivery pizza in Middletown, Pennsylvania

If there's one pizzeria that's going to make you the best delivery pizza in Middleton then it has to be Tony's. Tony's Pizzeria is a green - as in color not ecological - canopied joint over on West Main Street that knows only too well how to get a decent pizza to your door in record time. Tony's Pizzeria has been in the pie-making business for several years and so has plenty of experience at handling dough. The guys in this Middletown pizzeria can knock you out a regular pizza, a New York-style one, a round Neapolitan thin crust, or a mega-sized tray bake that's big enough to feed half the local neighborhood. No pie is too much trouble for them. They're happy to fulfill each and every order to the best of their ability which, when it comes to baking pizza, is quite considerable.

Best takeout pizza in Middletown, Pennsylvania

If you've been over in Harrisburg spending the day visiting the National Civil War Museum and are on your way back home, you'll be heading in the right direction to pick up the best take-out pizza in Middletown. Angelina's Pizza and Ice Cream is a pizzeria located on Fulling Mill Road that makes great take-out pies. They bake New York-style and also Keto diet-friendly cauliflower crust ones so having pizza doesn't necessarily have to be a diet breaker. When you walk through the door of Angelina's you could be forgiven for thinking you'd walked straight into a college dining hall. There's nothing wrong with that. It's spacious and tidy but a little on the clinical side, with no customer-friendly features other than the smiley staff. Order something like a Chicken and Bacon Ranch or even a breakfast pizza and they'll have it ready for you in no time.

Best pizza near Middletown, Pennsylvania


Middletown is still a relatively small town so it's easy to run out of things to do there when you have free time. Jump in your car, take a thirty-minute drive southeast to Lancaster and you'll be in for an interesting day. If you're there in the early morning take a stroll around the historic Lancaster Central Market to pick up some fresh local produce, follow that with a visit the Demuth Museum to find out more about the works of the famous local artist, Charles Demuth, and have a wander through the manicured gardens of his previous home. If you have kids with you, pop into the Lancaster Science Factory for a couple of hours before going to Pitbullz Pizza on East Ross Street for a slice of pie.


For a change of scene from Middletown you won't go far wrong if you go to York. York is around a twenty-minute drive southwest of Middletown and has a very interesting Victorian-era Downtown area as well as an even older district that dates back to the Colonial days of the 1800s. Explore the Colonial Complex followed by Downtown, then pop into the Golden Plough Tavern. You won't get a beer there as it's a museum, but you will see some fascinating exhibits. After you've seen what the center of York has to offer, pick up a take-out pizza from Marco's Pizza and Sweet Shack on Carlisle Road and head out to Kiwanis Lake for a picnic by the shore.


When you live in Middletown and have children there's one neighboring city you just can't avoid visiting and that's Hershey. Hershey has been the home to the production of America's favorite chocolate bar for over a century and its sticky-fingered presence can be found all over the city. Start off with a visit to the Hershey Story Museum followed by a fabulous fun time in the Hersheypark which is a theme park with some pretty wild rides. Finish up with a wander down Chocolate World Way before having a pie at Jo Jo's Pizza Hershey on Cocoa Avenue. And no, before you think of it, they don't put chocolate on the pizzas.


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