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The best pizza in Brattleboro: a local guide

Originally called Brattleborough, Brattleboro is a beautiful town that lies within a picturesque landscape setting that features rivers, lakes, and mountainous terrain. The area was settled in the 1700s and chartered in 1753. The town has a rich history with early days that featured periods of battles interspersed with peaceful times. Today, the community is a peaceable and hospitable one that hosts independent merchants, businesses, events, and other activities. While you’re in Brattleboro, there are several attractions and spots to check out, including Brattleboro Museum, Fort Dummer State Park, Brattleboro Words Trail, Estey Organ Museum, and Creamery Covered Bridge. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, you won’t run out of things to do here, so come ready for a delightful experience. There’s good food here too, and you bet pizza is one of those, seeing as Italian migrants that arrived in Vermont from the mid-19th century also spread to the town.

Brattleboro is known for Thin Crust pizza

Right here in Brattleboro, the style of pizza that the folks are known for is thin crust cheese pizza. If you want to blow their minds, bake the pie till the crust is crispy and delicious and you’ll see the joy with which they’ll tear through it. The majority of the local restaurants don’t even have thick crust pies on their menu, to show just how much the folks in the town are crazy about this particular pizza style. New York-style pies are common. Besides favoring a crispy crust, the pie aficionados prefer to have mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, or ricotta cheese on their pizza. As for the sauce, it’s either tomato sauce, buffalo wing sauce, pesto sauce, or BBQ sauce. Toppings can be as abundant as the pies can take, as long as they’re fresh.

Best Delivery Pizza in Brattleboro

Should you try to find out from any resident of Brattleboro that has made pizza orders for delivery from restaurants in the town if they have any favorite place in particular, you’ll be told that the place is Brattleboro Village Pizza on Putney Road. The response will be quickly followed by how the pizzeria wins hearts through their prompt delivery and excellent customer service. If you’ve not had their pie before, feel free to go for one of the house specials like eggplant pizza, meat pizza, and village special, or build your own dish from scratch using your own preferred sauce, cheese, and toppings. Your order will arrive piping hot, fresh, and will taste better than you thought it could. The restaurant has this pizza delivery game locked down to the tiniest detail to please you. Place an order on Slice now.

Best Takeout Pizza in Brattleboro

While you’re up and about in Brattleboro, if you ever feel like you should grab a box of pizza, the best place for you to go is West Brattleboro Pizza on Western Avenue because no one does this takeout pizza business better than they do in the town. All their meals come loaded from top to bottom with fresh ingredients and you’ll easily tell that that's the case from the first bite. The restaurant is a casual-looking pizza place from outside that may make you think there isn’t much to their food if it’s your first time visiting. Don’t you judge the book by its cover if you don’t want to miss out on premium delicacies because what they may not have in terms of fancy decors, they make up in their pies. So, look past the building and step inside to pick up what may turn out to be arguably the best takeout pizza you’ve ever had. Place an order on Slice now.

Best Pizza Near Brattleboro


The town of Guilford lies south of Brattleboro between the Deerfield Valley and the Connecticut River and offers premium opportunities for some peaceful relaxation away from the noise and daily hustle and bustle. This small town is perfect for a weekend getaway and you get to take in the natural splendor of the surrounding landscapes. Visit the museum in town to enjoy cool sights and learn one or two things about the town. There’s no local pizzeria in the small town but you can always grab a pie at Brattleboro Village Pizza as soon as you’re back home.


Head southeast to the town of Winchester in New Hampshire and locate A1 Pizza of Winchester on Keene Road for the most delicious pies in town. Interestingly, the pizzaiolos in the restaurant specialize in classic cheese pies, but you’ll know you’ve never had one like it after you’re done. You shouldn’t leave this town that used to be known as Arlington without visiting other fascinating spots like Ashuelot Covered Bridge, Conant Library Museum, Monadnock Speedway, and Sheridan House.


Nestled in the south side of the Green Mountains, the town of Wilmington is home to nature’s wonders, so prepare for exciting adventures along hiking trails, mountains, and a forest. There are a series of restaurants, inns, and local shops that offer a wide selection of products to buy too, so rest assured you’ll remain active here. Some of the top attractions here include Southern Vermont Natural History Museum, Hogback Mountain, Molly Stark State Park, Mount Olga, and The Art of Humor Gallery. For delicious pizza, head over to Scalia's Wood-Fire Pizzeria.

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