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The best pizza in Florence: a local guide

While the first Italians to settle in Florence had strayed far from home, they never strayed far from their culinary roots and that's a trend that's still in force today. Florence is known for thick crust pizza which was, and still is, the most common type of pizza baked in Italy. Although thick crust has huge rivals in the US from pies like the hybrid New York-style, it's still one of the top all-time favorite pizzas in America. There's absolutely nothing complicated about a thick crust pizza, but it still requires a well-practiced hand to make a good one. Where do the secrets to making a good pizza lie? Good question. The kneading of the dough and giving it the correct amount of time to prove is essential. Getting the balance of flavors right in the tomato sauce – it can't be too acid or too sweet – is vital, and using top-grade cheese goes without question. Thick crust may be a simple bake, but making a good one is not as easy as you might think.

Best delivery pizza in Florence, Alabama

Give Cici's Pizza on Cox Creek Parkway South a call to order a pie and you'll get the best delivery pizza in Florence. This pizzeria doesn't mess about when it comes down to baking and delivering a great pie, so you're guaranteed something amazing will turn up at your door. Cici's Pizza occupies a premises in Florence Square which is a pretty good take on a trendy fast-food joint. There's nothing traditional Italian about the lime-green and orange furnishings in this pizzeria at all. Thankfully, they're not colors Michelangelo would have used in any of his masterpieces or art critics would have definitely formed a different opinion of him. Cici's pizzas do paint a pretty picture though, so no worries there. They're always delivered fresh and hot out of the oven too. Try a Chicken Bacon Club and you'll be singing its praises.

Best takeout pizza in Florence, Alabama

If you've just finished kayaking up, or down, Shoal Creek, it's not surprising you're searching the internet for the best take-out pizza in Florence as you'll be far too hungry to wait until you get home to eat. You're actually right where you need to be as you're a short drive from Florence Boulevard where you'll find The Rising Crust Pizza and Hops. Didn't life just get a touch better when you found out you could get a beer to go with your pizza too? The Rising Crust Pizza and Hops occupies a country pub-style premises with blue painted walls and diamond-check cloths on the tables. At first glance it might well make you want to shout yehaa rather than bellissimo, but, let's face it, this is Alabama and not Italy. The Rising Crust's pies are the real deal though so you won't be disappointed with a second-rate pizza. If you drop by here at the right time, you'll get to listen to live music while your pizza is cooking.

Best pizza near Florence, Alabama

Spring Valley

Make a trip twelve miles south of Florence and by the time you reach Spring Valley, you'll have been able to see how the other half lived and how they don't in Spring Valley. Before you get to Spring Valley stop off at the Belle Mont Mansion. The mansion is a prime example of Palladian architecture and a building that's as impressive inside as it is out. Be awe-struck by this plantation house's exterior then open-mouthed by its internal grandeur. If it’s summer, you can freshen up in the Spring Valley Beach water park, if it's not, after you've realized there's nothing else to do here, drop in at the Pie Factory in Muscle Shoals on the way home.


Woodland is a ten-mile drive west of Florence and the place to head for if you're a nature lover who wants to do some wildlife spotting. Woodland is bordered by the one thousand acres of the Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge. There are no eateries within miles so make sure to pick up a pie from Sweet Basil Alabama before you leave Florence. While you won't be able to go into Key Cave – it's closed to the public to protect a rare species of fish that lives there – you will be able to wander through the acres of grassland and maybe spot a northern bobwhite or two.


Rogersville is a twenty-five-mile drive east of Florence and is an Alabama town bordered by the Lake Wheeler State Park. At this park, you can explore the scenic lakeside resort village, hire a boat to go cruising over the lake, go fishing, get in a game of golf, or go hiking or biking on the network of trails. After you've spent a spell enjoying the great outdoors, head into Rogersville itself for a wander around downtown then a pie at Clay's Pizza on Bank Street.

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