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The best pizza in Davis: a local guide

Davis is a city in California that has made a name for itself in many ways. When it comes to food and in particular, pies, Davis is known for thick crust pizza. This traditional Italian pizza is the one the pizzeria chefs of Davis favor and it is the star pie on pretty much all of the menus in the pizzerias around the city. They don't leave it in its simple form though, but take it to the next level with excellent homemade dough, a great savory tomato sauce, and quality cheeses, not to mention a varied array of gourmet-style toppings. When you sit down to eat a thick crust pizza, whether at home or in a restaurant, in Davis, you'll be sitting down to a better-than-average pizza. Some of the Davis pizzerias enjoy being as creative with their pizza names as much as they do being innovative with their pies. So the treat begins from the moment you start reading the menu and doesn't end until you've finished the last bite.

Best delivery pizza in Davis, California

When you go to call a restaurant to order a delivery pie, there are three things you can hope for. The first is someone friendly on the other end of the line. The second that your pizza will arrive quickly and the third, that what you get is the best delivery pizza in Davis. There's only one way to guarantee all three of those things happen and that's to call Steve's Pizza on F Road to order your pie. Steve's Pizza is a popular pizzeria that's been dishing out the dough to Davis residents for years. For them making and dispatching a great delivery pizza is second nature. In fact they could probably do it with their eyes closed if they tried. Steve's bake their pies authentic Italian style so expect a pile of topping ingredients in the pie’s center. This is surrounded by a hearty crust that crunches nicely when you bite it.

Best takeout pizza in Davis, California

If you've just driven off the University campus and are looking for a take-out pizza, key East Covell Boulevard into your navigational app and follow the directions to get there. On East Covell Street you'll encounter the pizzeria that makes the best take-out pizza in Davis and that pizzeria is Cenario's Pizza of Davis. Cenario's occupies a premises that you could easily drive straight past without noticing. You'd be missing out big time if you did that though so pull into the lot of the Oak Tree plaza and park up. There's not much to this pizza joint inside other than a counter, a couple of tables and chairs, and a row of seats they may have borrowed from a hospital waiting room or the local bus depot. It's the pizza they bake here that puts them a cut above other pizzerias in Davis and you'll be well pleased when you take the first bite of yours, especially if you choose a Pestorrrific.

Best pizza near Davis, California


One of the great things about Davis is that it's only fifteen miles from the state capital. Sacramento. With Sacramento so close, you're never going to be short of things to do no matter what day of the week it is. Sacramento has a surplus of museums like the California State Railroad Museum, the Crocker Art Museum, and the California State Capitol Museum, and they're just three. If you want outdoor history, you have Sutter's Fort State Historic Park to explore, or if you want some fun to let off steam then the Raging Waters Sacramento aquatic park is ideal. When you're ready to eat, you'll find a good pizza at Masullo Pizza on Riverside Boulevard.


California is overloaded with impressive scenery, but to get your fill of it without having to go too far, make a trip thirty miles southwest to Fairfield. Fairfield lies on the edge of the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve which is thousands of acres of marshlands. You can visit two parts of the reserve, China Camp and Rush Ranch, where there are hiking trails and shorelines to explore. If you've not had enough of the outdoors, slot in a visit to the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area, and by the time you've seen what there is to see, you'll be ready for a pizza at Evelyn's Big Italian on Texas Street.


If you've only got a few hours spare you won't want to drive too far. Leave Davis on the CA-113 northbound and in twenty minutes you'll be in Woodland. In Woodland you can have a serious few hours at the Heidrick Ag History Museum and the California Agricultural Museum or if you just want some out and out fun, head straight for the Velocity Island Park to go crazy on the water chutes or practice your wakeboarding. When it's time for pizza, try one from Steve's Pizza – Woodland on Main Street.

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