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The best pizza in Los Gatos: a local guide

Built in 1850, Los Gatos was the site of a flour mill, and the town was initially named after the mill. At that time, the flour was intended only for baking bread, and the simplest bakery products. The townspeople then could not even imagine that this ingredient would become the main ingredient in producing the world’s most famous dish – pizza. However, pizza appeared here a century later, when this dish gained all-American popularity. In the first half of the 20th century, agriculture and art flourished in Los Gatos, attracting actors, writers, and other representatives of the arts to settle here which gave the place charm and taste.
Today, there are numerous restaurants in the town, but the most favorite cuisine among the locals is Italian, and of course, pizza. Besides restaurants, this area is rich in good wineries due to its terroir, so wine is frequently combined with pizza. Some restaurants organize wine and pizza weekends, where different styles of pizza are paired with the most suitable wines. This is a real feast for local gourmets who love good wine and quality pizza.

Los Gatos is Known for California-style Pizza

As supporters of healthy eating, the residents of Los Gatos believe that pizza should be tasty and as healthy and wholesome as possible. The pizza invented here in California has become a hit throughout the country, including in Los Gatos, which suits their tastes perfectly. It is made from the freshest ingredients, and a maximum of vegetables produced on a local organic farm. California-style pizza is usually made on a thin crust and baked in a wood fired oven, but the toppings consist of non-classical ingredients. Instead of traditional red pizza sauce, you might get peanut or BBQ sauce. Instead of pepperoni and mozzarella, you might get prosciutto and goat cheese. Of course, the recipes vary from restaurant to restaurant, but what is always consistent is the size of the pizza. California pizza is a personal pie, similar to Neapolitan pizza.

Best Delivery Pizza in Los Gatos

Round Table Pizza is a local chain pizzeria that makes the best pizza for delivery in Los Gatos. Their dough is rolled by hand daily using top-quality flour, pure water, and sea salt. With about 15 pizza options on the menu here, you can order two pizzas every day for a week and never repeat one. To further compound the choice here, you can get your pizza on regular New York-style or gluten-free crust. Despite Round Table’s affordable prices, the quality of pizza and other dishes is at a top-level. Using their own recipe, the sauce for pizza is homemade, which customers highly appreciate. For those who want to order something customized, there is an option to build a pizza from the crust up. In fact, there are over 20 different topping choices. Their customer service is friendly and professional; they know how to deliver pizza fast, hot, and in a way that customers would order again. After all, according to the Italians themselves, the most delicious pizza is hot pizza!

Best Takeout Pizza in Los Gatos

Campo Di Bocce of Los Gatos is a traditional Italian restaurant with 25 years of experience in the business. They are well known for having a restaurant and bocce ball courts and serving quality food to hungry bocce tossers directly there. However, besides offering a wonderful dining-in experience, they are also popular for pizza takeout. It’s the place to go for some of the best takeout pizza in the area. After an engaging game of bocce ball, people will often order a pizza to take home for dinner. The owner of Campo di Bocce has Italian origins, so he built his menu based on authentic family recipes, using a mix of local ingredients, and imported products from Italy. There are ten pizza options on the menu, from a classic Margherita to an unusual Boar Pizza, made of boar sausage and topped with cheese and assorted veggies. All their pizzas have a delicious taste, the right dough texture, and are always served fresh and hot.

Best Pizza near Los Gatos


Campbell Pizza Co is a casual pizzeria with big-screen TVs and the best pizza in Campbell. It’s the ideal spot for big games and great food. They offer classic pizza options on thin, hand-tossed crust, as well as gluten-free pizzas, cauliflower pies, and pizza by the slice. All pizza is made on a homemade fresh dough with natural ingredients and fresh cut toppings. Besides good quality and excellent service, they are known for affordable prices and happy hour offers.


Stackers Pizzeria is a local pizza restaurant that makes the best pizza in Saratoga. This pizzeria prides itself on offering a ton of choices in pizza crusts. Besides regular crust, they offer whole wheat, gluten-free, and sesame seed crust, giving any pizza a unique taste and unforgettable aroma. Stackers do all the familiar classics, some with a signature combination of toppings, like shrimp and garlic sauce or feta with marinated artichokes. This pizzeria is primarily convenient for pizza takeout; however, you can also grab a bite in their cozy, small space.


212 New York Pizza is a local pizzeria with a colorful design that specializes in hand-tossed thin-crust pizza New Ork-style pizza. Each pizza has a delicious taste and bubbly texture, but if New York-style is too thin for you, they also have extra thick and medium crusts. Their menu consists of various meat, chicken, and veggie pizzas with five sauce options. Among the advantages of this place is super-fast delivery, great taste, and quality, as well as good customer service and a calming ambiance.

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