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The city of Manhattan Beach is a quaint beachside community in California halfway between Santa Monica and Long Beach. The relaxed vibe and popularity of outdoor activities here make Manhattan Beach the perfect setting for pizza. After World War II, some Italians moved to Manhattan Beach, which led to the foundation of various pizzerias. There are Italian restaurants that are decades old and still thriving. Manhattan Beach residents like to eat both Chicago and New York-style pizza. But, lots of people favor Chicago-style pizza for its thicker and deeper crust. You will find many casual dining places and it’s easy to get takeout or delivery pizza in Manhattan Beach. It’s not uncommon for residents to pick up their favorite whole pizza or just a slice and take it with them to enjoy at the beach. Add in a spectacular sunset and you’re all set.

The best pizza in Manhattan Beach: a local guide

Chicago-style pizza is a thick pizza baked in a pan, covered with cheese, meat, and vegetable toppings. For a different taste, sauces are applied over the pizza dough. People like Chicago style for its two to three inch crust, fried in a pan. The deep crust of Chicago-style pizza makes it a bulky pizza, similar to a pie. Chicago-style pizza can hold multiple toppings without becoming soggy or greasy. In this style of pizza making, the rich dough is spread on the oiled pan bottom and partially cooked. Compared to thin-crust pizza, this thick crust pizza takes a lot more time to cook properly. If the pizza wasn’t pre-cooked, the toppings and cheese would burn or become rubbery in the time it would take to cook the crust. Many restaurants settle dough into a pan and top it with grated cheese and additional ingredients. Later, the tomato sauce is applied.

Best Delivery Pizza in Manhattan Beach

If you are looking for the best delivery place, Beach Pizza should be your choice. This pizzeria is famous for New York-style pizza, subs, and wings. A big seller here is that it’s easy to customize your pizza. Not only do you get to choose your toppings, you can also choose from three different pizza sauces: tomato, pesto, and alfredo. At Beach Pizza they really lean into the beach theme. The names of their pizzas are quirky like the Hang Ten, Bone on the Beach, and the Maui Wowee. They have traditional choices too like the Meat Lovers and the Margherita Pizza. Sometimes you want something to go with your pizza. Try one of the many salads, wings, or seasoned fries. No matter what you order, you’ll be pleased and if you happen to get takeout instead of delivery, consider taking it to the beach. It’s only a few blocks away.

Best Takeout Pizza in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Pizzeria is a pizza restaurant located on Beach Boulevard steps from the beach and the Manhattan Beach Pier. It’s the ideal spot for takeout so you can dine with a view after a short walk to the beach. Start your meal with garlic knots, perfectly seasoned and baked - they just melt in your mouth. Choose any pizza from the specialty pizza menu section, and it will be delicious. Everything is freshly made. You should also try the Chicken Parmigiana Pizza topped with fried chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil at least once. Not in the mood for pizza? You’re covered here with the calzones and cold subs. Expect friendly service at Manhattan Pizzeria and reasonable prices, especially given its location. If you have trouble deciding, get a pizza to share and try one of their cheeseburgers or hotdogs on the side. You’ll surely be full and satisfied.

Best Pizza Near Manhattan Beach

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach, south of Manhattan Beach, offers a nightlife vibe to its residents. People love visiting this place for its good swimming pool spread over an area of 94 acres. Fat Tomato Pizza is a reliable place for eating New York and gluten-free pizza. The family combo meals are more than enough for two people. Vegetarians will keep coming back for the Veggie Lovers Pizza, and for something meatier, the New Yorker Pizza with peppers and two types of sausage is always popular.


Lawndale is a great family-friendly place. If you are in the mood for Sicilian thick-crust or NY thin-crust pizza, try Numero Uno Pizza. Both pizza styles offer veggie and meat options. Other than pizza, calzones are a good choice. You can also get a sandwich or create your own pasta. Their menu should accommodate everyone in your group.

El Segundo

El Segundo is a safe place to raise a family. Residents experience a dense suburban feel and like visiting coffee shops, parks, and restaurants. Giro Pizza offers delicious pizzas to its customers. You can try the combination plate; it gives you the option to choose a pizza slice, salad, pasta, and a drink. The chocolate mousse is the perfect way to finish your meal. This place is all about fresh, hot, and tasty foods, and who wouldn't want that?

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