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The best pizza in Novato: a local guide

Novato residents are proud Californians and they are even prouder to be home to delicious California-style pizza. California-style pizza is a unique blend of two pizza-making techniques: Italian thin crust and New York City-style pizza.

New York City-style pizza is made by rolling the dough very thin so that it gets crispy when it is being cooked and can hold the sauce without getting soggy or wet. Italian thin-crust pizza is extremely similar to New York City pizza, except that it is much smaller in size. Italian thin-crust pizzas are more sized as a personal pizza and the slices are not usually as large as the New York City slices.

When they are fused, you get California-style pizza that is typically topped with unique toppings that are popular in California, but not as well-loved in other states around the nation. California pizzas are crispy, delicious, and always well made.

Best Delivery Pizza in Novato

Mountain Mike’s Pizza on Novato Blvd is the best place in Novato to order up some delicious and fresh pizza delivery after a long day of enjoying all that Novato has to offer. They have 4.9 stars out of 5 stars and are well known for their delicious food and reputable service staff. The delivery fee is only $4.50 and there is no minimum spending requirement for delivery. You can expect your meal to be at your door in up to an hour, depending of course, on what you ordered and where you are located.

Mountain Mike's Pizza has more than just pizza. They sell delicious sides like garlic sticks, jalapeno poppers, and mozzarella sticks. But the main focus of their menu is their mountain-inspired pizza menu that just cannot be beaten. The Everest Pizza is a favorite and is loaded up with pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, linguica, beef, olives, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

Other favorites include the Snowy Alps Pizza that is topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, Italian sausage, green onions, and fresh chopped tomatoes on top of the Mountain Mike's signature creamy garlic sauce.

Best Takeout Pizza in Novato

Just down the road from our pick for best delivery pizza in Novato is our pick for best takeout pizza in Novato. Located on Novato Blvd is Stefano’s Pizza, a great local pizza joint that serves up fresh, hot, and flavorful pizza for you to take wherever your little heart desires.

Stefano’s Pizza is a great place for vegetarians, thanks to all of their vegetarian pizza options like the Pesto Delight Pizza, the Gourmet Veggie pizza, and the Greek pizza. There are also plenty of meat options like the Chicken Garlic Veggie pizza, the Works pizza, and the Meat Lovers.

There is a perfect pizza at Stefano's for every type of pizza lover. Order online, in-store, or over the phone today for pick up.

Best Pizza Near Novato


If you ever find yourself in Petaluma, Extreme Pizza is where you should head immediately. Their extensive menu covers many fan favorites as well as new and unique combinations you can only find at Extreme Pizza, like the Shredder (made with shredded pork in a sweet BBQ sauce, red onion, cilantro, and two types of cheese) or the Green with Envy (pesto sauce, tomatoes, feta, basil, oregano, and mozzarella).

San Rafael

If you head South out of Novato, you will reach San Rafael, a coastal town with a great hidden gem: Amore Mio Pizzeria. Amore Mio Pizzeria is different than any other pizzeria on our list today. They are not even a restaurant. Amore Mio Pizzeria is a food truck that parks in the same spot to severe the people of Marin County. Amore Mio Pizzeria was created in 2021, and instantly became a San Rafael favorite thanks to quick service and great food.


Located on Spain Street in Sonoma is a fantastic Italian restaurant called Mary's Pizza Shack. Mary's Pizza Shack might be called a shack, but Mary's Shack comes equipped with a full bar, a patio, and a fantastic selection of pizzas and other Italian faves. Mary's Pizza Shack also hosts a happy hour on weeknights from 3 to 6 pm, and is open late on the weekends. Plus, Mary's Pizza Shack was a TripAdvisor Travelers Choice 2020 Winner.

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