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Petaluma, CA is a wonderful little town that offers a suburban feel. Many people there enjoy the vast number of restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, and local stores. You’re sure to find plenty to do there in your day-to-day.

Pizza first came here in the 80s, where many different restaurants began experimenting with the style. Because of this, you can find several different pizza types in the area. However, the deep dish is one of the ones that seemed to catch on the most in Petaluma, CA.

Overall, you’ll want to branch out and try something new while you’re in town! The people here have many different recommendations for you to consider for dinner tonight.

If you want to experience delicious pizza, there are many locations in the area for you to try out. If you use Slice, we can link you with all of the best places in the area.

Top Pizza Restaurants in Petaluma Near You

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Petaluma is Known For Chicago Deep Dish Type Pizza

The Chicago deep dish is a very unique type of pizza. It comes prepared in the reverse order of what most people have come to expect- cheese, toppings, then the sauce on top. This method allows the crust to stay light and flakey, without absorbing the sauce and turning squishy.

Additionally, many people prefer to eat this type of pizza with a fork, rather than with their hands. The pies are built using a “wall”, which holds in a ton of sauce, making eating with your hands tricky some of the time.

In short, you can find plenty of delicious deep-dish pizzas in the area. There are so many different pizzerias that have this pie- you’ll want to try all of them! They’re delicious and you can find plenty of options at a great price point.

Overall, Slice has got you covered when it comes to getting the Chicago Deep Dish that you’re craving. We know all of the best places and can get the food to you in no time at all.

Best Delivery Pizza in Petaluma

The fastest pizza delivery would have to come from Pinky’s Pizza Parlor. They offer free delivery and are always on time. When you order from them, you’re sure to receive very prompt service. The staff there are always kind and efficient when it comes to preparing orders.

Many locals view this place as a staple for pizza. You get everything you need in one order and the place is perfect for a pizza night in with the family. The regulars say that the crust is great and you have plenty of different topping options that you can choose from.

This is a wonderful family restaurant- your kids are sure to enjoy it too! There are so many different menu items for you to explore. Plus, there are tons of sides, snacks, and desserts. Overall, many locals say that you need to try this place out if you happen to be in the area.

Best Takeout Pizza in Petaluma

Although, maybe you’d enjoy some delicious takeout pizza instead. If that’s the case, we recommend that you order from Stefano’s Pizza. They have all of the best ingredients and offer plenty of discounts to help you save on dinners.

There are gluten-free pies here too, making it easier for more people to enjoy their food. Additionally, the crusts taste great and you receive a lot of toppings with every slice. The customers of this place also recommend them for their great prices- you get a lot of food for what you pay.

The locals recommend that you try out their cheese pizzas and garlic cheesy bread. These options offer a classic flavor that everyone loves. Plus, they have delicious salads that the locals also recommend.

So, if you want to try some of the best takeout, make sure to go to Stefano’s! They are very prompt with making your order, so you won't have to wait in line to pick it up.

Best Pizza Near Petaluma

San Francisco

For anyone visiting San Francisco, make sure that you stop by Tony’s Pizza Napoletana. They have some of the best pies around. You can find a variety of dishes there as well. The pies are all amazing and come with a ton of flavor! Almost every pizza type is available there.


Diamond Slice Pizza offers some of the pies in Oakland. You’re sure to love the chewy crust and gooey cheese they offer on all of their pies. Plus, the location offers the best prices and amazing customer service. You’re sure to be taken care of when you order from them.


Bombay Pizza House in Fremont is perfect for ordering for a pizza night. They have a variety of unique flavors and you always receive your order promptly. The staff there are very kind and take care with each meal. You’re sure to find something to love on their menu.


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Q: 🍕What restaurant has the best deep dish pizza in Petaluma?

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