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The town of Arvada in Colorado is one with a history of agricultural prominence, having been known at one time as the “Celery Capital of the World.” The name of the town used to be Ralston Point, one that was taken after a Georgian prosecutor, Lewis Ralston, who first discovered gold by chance in the region in 1850. The stream in which Ralston found the placer gold deposits was also named Ralston Creek in his honor. Even though the gold rush in the region was at its peak in the 1850’s, the Arvada area remained more of a farming community. After Arvada was incorporated as a town in 1904, there was steady development until the second half of the 20th century when the town experienced more rapid growth. As for Italians in the town, they began to arrive around the mid-1800s having been drawn by the gold rush and agricultural opportunities in the area. By the early to mid-1900s, Italian migrants had already settled here and set up businesses in the community, one of which was pizzerias.

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Arvada is known for New York pizza

The people of Arvada choose New York-style pizza over any other style of pizza. That choice may not make much sense to folks that know the history of the town, especially considering the fact that the majority of the first-generation Italians here came from southern parts of Italy – an indication that they would probably fancy Sicilian more. Instead, the allure of the thin-crust pizza style from New York is so strong here that the pie lovers prefer it more. Pizzaiolos in the town prepare their thin-crust pies for Arvada townies in a way that’s similar to how it’s made in New York – in gas ovens and with low-moisture mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Other toppings go on the pizza too, but these are more commonly determined by what the eater prefers. Some common toppings you’ll find on the pizza in Arvada are sausage, ham, pepperoni, artichokes, and chicken. Some pizzerias add some spice to their New York-style pizza by using stone ovens to bake them and adding ricotta cheese and other sauce options like garlic, Alfredo, and barbecue.

Best Delivery Pizza in Arvada

Massino’s Pizzeria on West 80th Avenue in Arvada leads the pack when it comes to the quality of pizza delivery service in the town. Because the restaurant specializes in New York pizza and makes absolutely delicious and chewy pies, they’re the townies’ favorite. Add to that the fact that they always deliver the pie hot and fresh in record time and you’ll see why they’re the best pie delivery place in the area. As a family-owned business, Massino’s has built a reputation for themselves in the town, so much so that the wait for the pie to get to you anywhere you are in the town is never long, especially because you know what you’re getting. Massino’s pizza chefs make delectable Sicilian pizza and stuffed pizza too, and allow you to create your own custom pie, so what’s stopping you from placing an order? Nothing! Go ahead and do that now on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Arvada

In Arvada, if you’re craving pizza and you’re on your way to hang out with friends/colleagues or heading home from work, then you should make your way to West 64th Avenue and stop at Blackjack Pizza & Salads for the best takeout pizza in the city. When you place an order from this pizzeria, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get exactly what you requested, and your pie will be ready at the exact time stated for pickup. If, by any chance, you arrive earlier, you’ll definitely enjoy your wait because not only is the restaurant nicely decorated and clean, you’ll also be impressed by how the pizza chefs make the pie using real and fresh ingredients. And yes, the ambiance and sweet aroma in the place will keep you alive. Watch out for some of the pizza names here too - jackpot pizza, good deal pizza, full house pizza. Place an order on Slice right away.

Best Pizza Near Arvada


The city of Broomfield is about four miles north of Arvada in a picturesque setting with plenty of places to visit for a memorable time away from your daily routine. If you’re a fan of golf, the three golf courses here are for you to choose from. Lovers of trade shows, concerts, and other events visit the 1stBank Center in the city, while families relax at the Paul Derda Recreation Center at the Broomfield County Commons. With so much to do here, you shouldn’t miss the house pizza specials served at Double D's Sourdough Pizzeria & TapHouse.


Lakewood is about four miles south of Arvada and is the perfect place to go if you’re crazy about sightseeing – especially wonderful nature views. Here’s where you’ll easily access the place where you can have one of the most satisfying views of the Rocky Mountain foothills. The city also has a nice array of recreation areas, historic structures and artifacts, as well as a creative district. Time spent here is truly exciting, and the best way to wrap it up is with delicious pizza at Nicolo's Chicago Style Pizza.


Three miles northwest of Arvada, Thornton lies in a spacious setting that boasts wide areas of recreation centers and parks, as well as public spots for lovers of art to take pictures and enjoy the view. Moreover, the city is home to popular festivals and shows that attract fun lovers all year round. Another highlight of the city is the Sicilian deep dish special served at Anthony's II Pizza & Italian Food on East 112th Avenue. The dish is one to not miss, so be sure to have one to know what the rave is all about.


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