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Fort Collins Pizza Introduction Fort Collins is a major college town, so you will find plenty of trendy, unique pizzerias at this location. There are more than 50 restaurants serving pizza at any given time, so you have many options when it comes to ordering pizza in the city.

If you live in Colorado, you likely are familiar with the Colorado Mountain Pie pizza. The pizzas are made with thick crusts and come with an intense amount of toppings. You can choose from so many options too.

The thick crust is delicious and very sweet. It is made with honey and consists of large braided crusts. The locals love to dip the end pieces in honey, which makes for an impromptu dessert!

Overall, pizza is a very popular dish in the area. You will find several different takes and styles to try out in Fort Collins.

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Fort Collins is Known for Colorado Mountain Pies

The mountain pie is very similar to a deep dish, although they are not the same. The mountain pie is covered in toppings and comes with a very thick crust. It is much sweeter and baked in an oven for ten minutes. Chicago pizzas are cooked much longer.

The pizzas are made to be eaten by whole families too, instead of the single-serve slice in the New York style. While the mountain pie is commonly found in large Colorado cities, you can also find it in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins has a very diverse pizza scene. You can find deep dishes, thin crusts, vegan pizzas, and more here! Since college kids love pizza, the area had the opportunity to grow and experiment with many different recipes at their pizzerias.

If you are going to be in the area, keep reading! We included all of the best places on this page.

Best Delivery Pizza in Fort Collins

The Garlic Knot has the fastest delivery in Fort Collins, Co. The store also offers a very low delivery fee and provides services to a wider area. If you are interested, make sure that you order through Slice Life. We make ordering online much easier for you.

For our night owls, you will be happy to know they are open pretty late on some nights. Plus, they have a large menu packed with tasty items. You will find garlic knots, eggplant dishes, spaghetti, calzones, and more. Their Margherita Pizza is a local favorite.

They offer some of the best customer service in the area too. Their staff are kind and get to work on your meal right away. Often, you receive your order much earlier than expected! So, next time you are looking for a late bite to eat, be sure to order from the Garlic Knot!

Best Takeout Pizza in Fort Collins

On the other hand, maybe you are already out and about when hunger strikes. Why not enjoy some delicious takeout from Pizza Casbah? They also offer gyros and pitas. However, their most popular options would have to be their New York slices. They are large, thin, and coated with cheese!

The store prepares many of their most popular options ahead of time, so you can expect your order to be ready by the time you make it there. By placing an order with Slice Life, you can be sure that it will be made on time! The staff are prompt, so you shouldn’t have to wait very long.

They use fresh mozzarella, a flavorful sauce, and the crust is also super crispy. So, next time you need something delicious to eat on the go, be sure to check out Pizza Casbah. They are a very well-known pizzeria in Fort Collins.

Best Pizza Near Fort Collins


Hearth Restaurant and Pub in Windsor is close to Fort Collins. They offer some of the best customer service around. The staff are very nice and going to do everything that they can to make you feel comfortable at the restaurant. The place is very cozy and has a fun atmosphere. Many parents enjoy bringing their kids here.


If you want to try a classic Mediterranean Pizza in Colorado, then be sure to visit the Origins Wine Bar and Wood Fired Pizza. The restaurant has a nice ambiance and is very relaxing. They make delicious wood fire pizza and offer plenty of tasty wines.


Santeramo’s Pizza House and Italian Food is the best for ordering a delicious meal in Greeley. They serve plenty of unique pizzas and offer a delicious crust. Overall, they have a wide menu consisting of plenty of authentic food options. They have some of the best pizza in the city, according to locals and regulars of the shop.


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