Top Pizza Restaurants in Golden, CO in 2024 Near You

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The very first pizza place to open in Golden was called Sena’s Pizzeria. Many locals have happy memories of this store, from many years ago. Since then, many different styles of pizza have been enjoyed by the locals.

Colorado has even held pizza-themed exhibits for people to learn about the history behind this Italian dish. The wood-fired pie has been quite popular in this area for years, with many enjoying the food in traditional styles.

Pizza came to Golden as people traveled and moved away from the East coast. With them, they brought their recipes and methods for creating delicious pies. Many local pizzerias today have been in business for many years.

If you are in Golden, then you have plenty of delicious pizza options available to you. The pizza of today evolved from tomato pies, with many recipes passed down for generations.

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The best pizza in Golden: a local guide

Plenty of pizzerias in Golden create wood fired pizzas. These pies are heated in ovens, allowing the cheese and sauce to blend perfectly before serving. The most popular pizza shop in Golden is Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza- they even have it in their name!

The atmosphere surrounding the ovens in these stores is always very welcoming. Many regulars simply enjoy the environment as they eat- we are sure that you will too. You can find many wood ovens specifically designed for pizza in this city.

A wood fired pizza is usually made in a brick oven, with wood as the fuel instead of gas or electric. This gives you a more authentic taste and you get a smoky, warm, and crunchy crust.

Additionally, wood fired pizzas cook more quickly than other styles. Since they are right next to an open flame, the pies are finished quickly. This fits with the bustling lifestyles of those who want a quick and tasty bite to eat.

Best Delivery in Golden

If you need the swiftest delivery in Golden, then we would have to recommend that you order from the Indulge Bistro & Wine Bar. They are well-known in the area and will promptly bring your order to you.

The restaurant’s kitchen is open pretty late at night. You can order their ahi tuna and even artisan cheese boards. Their food is fresh and always brought to you on time. Many locals enjoy this as a date night spot. The atmosphere is perfect for it- you could even have a date night at home with their delivery.

Overall, plenty of people living in Golden would recommend that you try out this restaurant. The food is delicious and they have plenty of regulars who order their favorites often. Their customer service is excellent from start to finish, so you can expect to be taken care of.

Best Takeout Pizza in Golden

Dirty Dogs Roadhouse has options for both curbside pickup and delivery. They even have some groceries and small household items available at their building. They have pizza as well as many other dishes. Their tuna is an excellent dish on its own, plus they have many different sandwiches to offer.

They serve their food with cold beers, which customers enjoy a lot. They also love the atmosphere of the building when they come in to pick up their orders. Additionally, their service is pretty quick- you will likely not be waiting more than an hour to receive your meals.

The place has their own separate to-go menu that you can try. These items are prepared much quicker or are already ready for you to enjoy when you arrive.

Overall, if you are looking for delicious takeout in Golden, you will want to try this restaurant out sometime. They have many different dishes for you to enjoy.

Best Pizza Near Golden


Applewood is a suburb right outside of Golden. The area would not take you long to reach at all. Bono’s Italian Restaurant is one of the most loved restaurants by people in the area. The Italian restaurant has plenty of classic meals including chicken parm sandwiches, Greek salads, and even stuffed shells. Their pizzas have a good amount of variety too.


This city is only a 16 minute drive from Golden. If you want to get out of town and experience some new pizza places, then this would be the place to visit. Hops and Pie is open late at night and offers plenty of fun foods. The restaurant includes a bar and has a wonderful menu.

Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge is also very close to Golden and is a pretty straight shot by car. Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza is a great option for those who want to experience a fresh pie right out of the oven. They have many options for toppings and are highly praised by members of the community.

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