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The best pizza in Berlin: a local guide

The town of Berlin lies in the heart of Connecticut and used to be originally known as the Great Swamp Society long after it was settled. Even though the first settlers arrived in the area in 1659, there wasn’t much growth until the 1700s when buildings and meetinghouses started to be erected in the area. The name of the community was changed to Kensington before it finally took on Berlin after it was officially incorporated as a town in 1785. If there’s one thing that this town is known for, it’s the hiking trails that pass through it, particularly the Metacomet and Mattabassett Trails which lie within the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System of Connecticut. The town also features breathtaking landscapes too, so nature buffs never get tired of sightseeing here. Besides, families can enjoy time together on the Berlin Turnpike before visiting any of the pizzerias in town for hot and tasty pies.

Berlin is known for Thin Crust pizza

The town of Berlin is home to thin crust pizza that’s often considered a variant of New Haven pizza, however, you’ll hardly find anyone here calling it by that name. Their own version of it is known as Mozzarella pizza, and as you can already guess, it features lots and lots of mozzarella - as much as you want – and delicious toppings. The pie comes with a thin crust, but if you’re a fan of thick crust pies, you can also get the thick crust version at some of the pizzerias in town. Typical toppings that go on the mozzarella pizza include anchovies, black olives, bacon, broccoli, and meatballs, to name a few. The tomato sauce can never do wrong too, so there’s always room for that on your pie.

Best Delivery Pizza in Berlin

Bella’s Ristorante has been in Berlin for well over two decades doing one thing they know how to do best – deliver delicious pizza to the residents of the town. This family-owned and operated restaurant has already become part and parcel of the residents’ feeding routine, so don’t be surprised to find families regularly placing orders for delivery from here because pizza is a reliable meal for dinner. The most popular pies here are the mozzarella cheese pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and Bella House Special pizza, so if you don’t know what to get, that’s a good place to start. There are other options, however, all of which feature only fresh ingredients and, of course, taste like heaven. Slice offers the opportunity to place an order from here, so feel free to do just that.

Best Takeout Pizza in Berlin

Don’t stress yourself at all worrying about what you’ll eat when you arrive home after you’ve had a busy day at work and lost track of time because you can always count on the folks at Pizza Kitchen & Grill on Farmington to whip up the best takeout pizza you can get anywhere in town. All you need to do is place an order on Slice and stop by at the restaurant on Farmington Avenue to carry out your pizza on your way home. You know for sure that your pie will be hot and fresh when you arrive and bombard your nose with the most aromatic sensations ever. Curbside delivery is available, so you can activate that option if you simply want to make it a drive-by. If you don’t already have a favorite pie, try out any of the gourmet pizzas made with love and professional excellence. Get started on Slice now.

Best Pizza Near Berlin


Visit the town of Southside, west of Berlin, with a clear intention to get delicious New Haven pizza at Paradise Pizza & Grill on North Main Street to ensure you have a complete trip. Then, you can include some of the popular spots here like Crescent Lake, Recreation Park, Ragged Mountain, Soltys Pond, and Veterans Memorial Park to your itinerary to make the time you spend here memorable. If you’re here with family, even better.

New Britain

Step into Nick’s Pizza on Allen Street in New Britain for delightful Margherita pizza, white pizza, or their special pizza the first chance you get because this pie is worth dying for. Besides the amazing pizza you’ll get in the city, there’s plenty else to look forward to in this beautiful place called Hardware City that was settled as far back as 1687. The excitement never ends, really, and it’s totally up to you to choose where you wish to go and how long you wish to stay because you’ll never get bored.


Middletown lies southeast of Berlin and is home to delicious New Haven and mozzarella cheese pizza. Visit the five-star Jerry’s Pizza on South Main Street and be ready to experience mouthwatering pies that will leave you planning another trip in no time. The city started out as a sailing port and gradually grew into an industrial hub on the Connecticut River, so be prepared to find a vibrant community here and come ready for all the adventure you’ve been dreaming of.

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