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In Connecticut, you will find several different types of pizza styles. Everyone has their favorite, although most of the places will serve New York style slices. If you want a New York slice, there are plenty of options for a delicious thin crust all over the area.

Pizza spread to Connecticut during the 40s and 50s, as Italian-American families moved across the country. As these families settled down, they opened their own businesses. While many were pizzerias, there were also cafes, delis, and grocery stores.

However, the Connecticut-style pizza can also be found in certain areas. The pizza originated around New Haven, Connecticut, and is now very popular throughout the state. It features a thin crust and is coal-fired.

If you want to learn more about the pizza that you can find in your area, you should read the rest of our page. We have everything you need to know about pizza in Hartford.

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Hartford is Known for New York Style Pizza

We would have to say that Hartford is most known for the New York style slice. This style is one of the most popular options across America, but Hartford loves it more than most states. The style features a thin crust, warm cheese, and delicious sauce. The pizzas can be folded in half and taken with you on the go.

The New York slice started out as a street food, which is why it is so easy to hold. People would often grab a slice on their lunch breaks, then walk back to work with it.

This pizza is usually hand-tossed until it becomes incredibly large, then is fired in a pizza oven. The slices are so huge that only one can usually fit on a plate.

While you can also find Connecticut-style pizza sprinkled through the state, you will mostly find the New York slices here.

Best Pizza Delivery in Hartford

Sisson Avenue Pizza has the fastest pizza delivery in town. If you are hungry and your food is brought to you in less than an hour, be sure to place your order online with us. This place is popular for ordering large amounts of food at once. For example, office parties and other gatherings usually order from here.

The delivery is reliable and fast. Plus, your food always arrives hot, so you can enjoy it while it is still fresh. Overall, this store uses plenty of high-quality ingredients, so you can be confident that their pizza will turn out amazing for you.

The store is also late, making it the perfect place to grab a bite to eat if you suddenly crave pizza after midnight.

Best Takeout Pizza in Hartford

However, if you already happen to be out of the house, then Kent Pizza is going to be the best place for you to order from. They have an amazing takeout service, so you can promptly receive your order and get back to your day.

The pizzeria offers plenty of unique menu items and several classics. One of their unique options is the cheeseburger pizza. They also have many subs, sandwiches, chicken, and salads for you to choose from. They also have large grinders and offer wings! You could say they have everything you might want on their menu.

The service is quick and the portion sizes are large. Overall, this place is perfect for ordering takeout at any time in Hartford. We recommend that you order with SLice Life online. The place can get very busy during certain times of the day. When you order online, you ensure that your order will be ready for you when you arrive.

Best Pizza Near Hartford


If you are going to be in Wethersfield any time soon, you will want to visit the Wethersfield Pizza House. They open for lunch and are considered to be the best place in the area by locals. They have several options, a clean dining location, and fresh ingredients. You can order takeout or delivery with them, making it convenient to dine with the Pizza House.


Joey’s Garlic serves both Italian and American dishes. They have plenty of items on their menu and serve elegant dishes. Their pastas are very popular- you can also find meat, salads, fries, pizzas, and more here. Locals to the area will often eat here on dates. Overall, this is considered to be the best Italian restaurant in the area by many.

New Britain

If you happen to be traveling through the New Britain area soon, be sure that you stop by the Town and Country Pizza. They are open somewhat late into the night and serve wonderful Italian dishes. The store also is vegetarian-friendly and has many options for everyone.


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