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The oldest pizzeria in Stamford is the Colony Grill. This place opened after the Prohibition era in 1935. The pizzeria opened in an Irish immigrant community and became known for its thin-crust pizza with hot oil. Plenty of other thin slice dishes are popular in this city.

Many people in Connecticut believe that pizza was invented there, because it is so popular and common in everyone’s day-to-day lives. However, pizza was first invented in Naples, Italy. Their recipes were brought to America after WWII. As pizza spread across the country, recipes changed and each area took to its own style.

If you live in Stamford, you probably see dozens of pizza places every day. The most well-known style to come from Connecticut is the New Haven pizza, which is a thin crust, Neapolitan style dish. You will find plenty of variants of thin crusts here.

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Stamford is Known for Thin Crust Pizza

In Stamford, you will find plenty of thin-crust pizzas. There are Neapolitans, New Havens, and New York-style pizzas everywhere. The Neapolitan is made from a soft, thin crust, then topped with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil. The New York slice is large and thin. You only get one piece because it is so big.

Finally, the New Haven style originated just an hour or so away from Stamford, so you will find it in the area quite often. A New Haven Slice consists of an oblong, with a thin-crust and charred spots. They are thinner than the New York slice and usually have less cheese on them. If you love chewy pieces of pizza, then this would be for you!

The Neapolitan is the most popular option here, but you will find several different types of thin-crust pizzas. Nearly every pizzeria will have some thin dishes.

Best Delivery Pizza in Stamford

If you are hungry and need fast delivery, then you should order from Westover Pizzeria II. The store is on Hope Street and they provide services to the surrounding area. They also have desserts, coffees, beer, wine, and tons of pizza dishes on their menu. If you like large pizzas, this place has amazing portion sizes.

The shop even offers plenty of traditional Italian dishes. You can find pasta, fagioli soup, salads, and many different large pizzas. Overall, you can have a wide range of foods delivered right to your home.

Customers recommend that you try their Sicilian pizzas, since they use delicious, fresh mozzarella. Many customers also enjoy having subs delivered, since they make for a nice eat-at-home dinner. Their most popular subs are the parmesan options.

Next time you are looking for pizza delivery in Stamford, make sure that you call Westover. You can have your food delivered fast!

Best Takeout Pizza in Stamford

If you are out and about and want some pizza, you should stop by Luigi’s Restaurant. They have a delicious and popular thin-crust pizza. The pizza tastes just like a New York slice, but has small proportions while being served as a pie. They also offer plenty of sandwiches and wings!

This place is perfect for a quick lunch. Their menu has plenty of small items that take little time to prepare. The staff always put all of their care and effort into making your meals as delicious as possible too. They have a special on their cheese pizzas after 6 pm, which would be worth looking into if you want to buy pizza on a budget.

Overall, we would have to say that Luigi’s has the best pizza in Stamford. No matter what you are craving, they should have something tasty you will love! The shop is a regular place for many locals in the area, who swear by it.

Best Pizza Near Stamford


Darien is very close to Stamford, making it a fun choice for when you want to get out of town and explore somewhere new. They have many pizzerias for you too. Papa Joe’s Ristorante Italiano has many Italian and vegetarian menu items. Plus, they serve vegan meals and have several gluten-free items. The locals love the food here and many visit regularly.


Greenwich is also very close to Stamford; less than 15 minutes away. Grigg Street Pizza serves plenty of thin-crust pizzas. Customers feel that they are friendly and energetic. The staff seems to be truly passionate about what they do. The atmosphere is wonderful, so many enjoy eating at the pizzeria. However, they do also offer delivery and take-out. Finally, all of the ingredients and toppings are fresh and delicious.


Norwalk also has plenty of fun pizza options. If you happen to be driving through the area, you should stop by Leonardo’s Pizza. They are a local, family-owned and operated business. The staff are always kind and make high-quality pizzas for you to enjoy.


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