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The best pizza in Brookfield: a local guide

Connecticut is a pizza paradise that’s recognized as a great state for pizza. There is a long history and culture of pizza in Connecticut. From classic pizzerias to family-run restaurants, everything you might want on and in your pizza is at your fingertips. However, Brookfield is known for New Haven-style pizza, a thin-crust wood or coal-fired Neapolitan pie common in and around New Haven, Connecticut.

Like the traditional New York-style pizza, New Haven-style pizza is a descendant of classic Neapolitan pizza. A plain New Haven-style pizza can also be called a tomato pie. It is usually baked in a coal-fired oven at about 343°C. It originated in New Haven at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana but has since spread to different parts of the state and even beyond. The thin, oblong crust, chewy texture, and characteristic charring make New Haven-style pizza unique and something you have to try in Connecticut.

Best Delivery Pizza in Brookfield

Portobello Restaurant & Pizza is the home of great Italian food, including pasta, but the pizza is the star of the show. Portobello Restaurant & Pizza serves delicious thin-crust and thick-crust pies that outshine competitors in the city. This is thanks to the attention they pay to ensure their high-quality toppings are locally sourced and verified. They only use the finest Wisconsin cheese for extra flavor.

At Portobello Restaurant & Pizza, they make their own dough to be airy and light so that the balance with the crunchy and chewy crust is perfect. The toppings are unique, exciting, and original. Some of these fresh creative toppings include raw plum tomato, roasted red peppers, and broccoli. The perfect combination of all these makes the pies come out smoky and supremely bubbling, just the way they should. Portobello Restaurant & Pizza is always a sure bet for some of the tastiest pies in Brookfield.

Best Takeout Pizza in Brookfield

John’s Best Trattoria & Pizza Bar is a full-service restaurant that has always been known as one of the best pizza spots not just in Brookfield but in Connecticut. John’s Best Trattoria & Pizza Bar proves why Brookfield is such an incredible foodie destination. They are known for their consistently amazing classic gourmet pies with a modern twist. This family-owned restaurant has been hugely passionate about making genuinely delicious pizza for years. It is all about the simplistic beauty of the crust here, as ingredients are so good that their pies are considered legendary.

The pizzeria’s original special is the thick-crust Sicilian Cheese Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil. It has a little spice to it and is absolutely delicious. John’s Best also does cauliflower and gluten-free pizza options.

In addition to pizza, John’s Best Trattoria & Pizza Bar offers hot grinders, pasta, and colorful salads. They also do an assortment of lunch-sized meals, perfect for takeout on your lunch break.

Best Pizza Near Brookfield


Birthplace of the celebrated showman and entrepreneur Phineas Taylor Barnum, Bethel is a town with nature trails, local shopping, and highly rated restaurants. Bethel Pizza House pays utmost attention to detail and the needs of its customers. This is one of the features that makes them the best pizzeria in the area. Their New York-style pies are specially handcrafted and unbelievably tasty, and the George’s Special Pizza is a Greek-inspired treat. They offer delivery, dine-in, and takeout service options.


Seven miles from Brookfield, Newtown is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Lions Bleecker Street Pizza is a family-friendly restaurant that cooks up perfectly thin and crispy pizzas with a nice list of gourmet toppings. Looking at their menu list, you may not know what to go for, and that’s okay. However, the Grandma pizza is a must-try: homemade marinara sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil on a thick crust. They use real Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and you can definitely taste the difference.


Danbury is a city in Fairfield County, eight miles away from Brookfield. Known for being home to Western Connecticut State University, it is also home to stylish restaurants like Planet Pizza. Planet Pizza offers authentic thin-crust and thick-crust pies. You can smell the wonderful aroma of their dishes the moment you walk into the restaurant. If you need it, they have cauliflower and gluten-free crust and an abundance of vegetarian-friendly choices.

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