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The best pizza in Cheshire: a local guide

It can be hard running a food-related business in a quiet rural town as customers are not always queuing up at the door. In those early days, one way of making a pizzeria in Cheshire more profitable was by stretching the dough just that little bit further and Cheshire became known for thin crust pizza. Thin crust pies are a minor variation of the traditional Italian thick crust and they form the common denominator on the menus you'll see in this Connecticut city. Some pizza chefs do like to kick over the traces though and prefer to do it their own way when presenting their pies. You may well discover the odd thick crust, the occasional Greek-style or Neapolitan and ovens can be anything from electric to wood-fired. The one thing you will notice without fail is that each and every pizza served in Cheshire has cheese on it unless you specifically ask for one without.

Best delivery pizza in Cheshire, Connecticut

When you want the best delivery pizza in Cheshire you need to get one that's been cooked in a wood-fired oven and has that indescribable authentic flavor of the Mediterranean. You'll find exactly that type of pie on offer at Fuoco's Apizza on West Main Street. Fuoco's dispatch first-class pizzas from their trattoria-like premises that could win top awards if they were entered in a pie contest. How can they be so good? The dough is prepared fresh every morning by someone who knows the importance of a good kneading and the difference the correct amount of proving has on the final product. That attention to detail combined with a well-practiced hand at slipping the pizzas in and out of the oven - wood-fired pies take very little cooking - at the optimum moment is the key to the success of Fuoco's pizzas. Try one for yourself and you'll soon be nodding in agreement.

Best takeout pizza in Cheshire, Connecticut

Drop by Vespucci's Italian Restaurant on Main Street to pick up a slice or two of pie and you'll be getting what can only be called – the best take-out pizza in Cheshire. From the moment you park up outside of Vespucci's you'll know you're going to be in for a real culinary treat as even the outside of their premises seem to shout we bake great pizza. The timber-fronted building housing this pizzeria has Italian flair with canopied windows and a welcome mat at the door. That Italian feel is something which is continued inside too with ceiling-high Romanesque columns and leather-covered banquette seating. They're the ideal spot to sit while you decide what pizza to get for your take-out. Once you do sit though, you may not want to get back up again so why not stay put and dig into a tasty Shrimp Fra Diavolo pizza in comfort?

Best pizza near Cheshire, Connecticut


Hartford is a thirty-minute drive north-east of Cheshire and the place where Mark Twain penned his literary classic, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. His previous home, a 19th-century eclectic-looking mansion, is now a museum containing thousands of artifacts relating to his life and works. It's a fascinating place to visit where you can get an insight into the man himself before dropping into Pietro's Pizza on Main Street for lunch.


When you've got time on your hands, leave Cheshire behind and head ten miles north-west to Waterbury. This city was once renowned for the production of quality timepieces, but now, unless you spend the day in the Mattatuck Museum browsing antiquities, you can have lots of aquatic fun at the Quassy Amusement and Waterpark. If you don't want to get wet, there are more outdoor recreation opportunities nearby in the Mattatuck State Forest and the Black Rock State Park. Before you head for home again stop off at Frankie Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana on Reidville Drive for a pie.


It might seem impossible to go somewhere any more rural than Cheshire is, but head twenty-eight miles north and you'll come to Burlington. It's a town that's about as rural as rural gets but that's a bonus when it's surrounded by Nassahegan and the Nepaug State Forest. Spend the day hiking the trails in either, then when you've built up a big enough appetite go to Sorrento's Pizza on Spielman Highway for a great pie.

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