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The best pizza in Coventry: a local guide

Coventry is known for thin crust pizza and it's the Italian style of thin-crust rather than the Americanized New York-style that the pizzerias of this Connecticut town have on their menus. The thin-crust pizzas served in Coventry are baked along the lines of Neapolitan and Roman pizzas which are very classical Italian bakes. Around half the amount of dough that goes into a regular thick crust pizza is used when making a thin crust. That means the base is crispier, although not as cracker-like as the base of a St Louis-style pizza, and has a lot less crust around the edges. Thin crust pies are perfect for any sort of topping ingredient combinations including the most outlandish gourmet ones. Whenever you have a thin crust, no matter what it’s topped with, you’ll be in for a delicious treat.

Best delivery pizza in Coventry, Connecticut

There's one sure way of knowing how you're going to get the best delivery pizza in Coventry when you order from one of the town's pizzerias and that's by reading through the customer recommendations. The clients of Husky Pizza speak very highly of the service and pie quality of this Coventry pizzeria so you're guaranteed to get a great delivery pie from there. Husky Pizza has a premises that's located on Main Street which is convenient for swift delivery all over the town. From their well-organized kitchen, they're ready and waiting to send out single or bulk orders in record time. The one thing they don't like to do is keep their hungry customers waiting. The best pizza to try from Husky Pizza is their Chicken Avocado or Fresh Tomato, the latter of which is highly rated for its flavorsome simplicity.

Best takeout pizza in Coventry, Connecticut

If you've been browsing around the exhibits of The Museum of Connecticut Glass and want to pick up the best take-out pizza in Coventry to take home, you won't have far to go to get your hands on it. All you have to do is head down Main Street until you encounter Dimitri's Pizza Restaurant. Dimitri's Pizza Restaurant has been serving pies to the locals of Coventry since 1973. From the outside, the premises resemble a luxurious Mediterranean villa and the interior does nothing to belie that impression. If sophisticated décor isn't your thing, don't be put off or you'll miss out on an exceptional take-out pizza. Make your order from Dimitri's very large pie menu then take a seat on the outdoor terrace and enjoy the scenic view from there while waiting for your pizza to cook.

Best pizza near Coventry, Connecticut


Manchester is the nearest big town to Coventry and only a ten-mile drive away which is a nice short journey to make when you have kids. There's plenty to keep youngsters occupied there too so they won't be bored for a minute. Start the day with a visit to the Lutz Children's Museum and they'll have their curiosity piqued to the max by the science and history-related interactive exhibits. Let them loose on the woodland trails of the Hop River State Park and they'll burn off any excess energy. Once they're exhausted and calm, take them for a blow-out pizza meal at Filomena's Pizzeria on Main Street.


While there's not a great deal to do in the Connecticut town of Chaplin itself, it's still well worth making the fifteen-mile trip in that direction as there's plenty to see on the way. You can choose two different routes to go to Chaplin and they both have something great to offer. Take the US-6 and you'll be able to stop off at Beaver Brook State Park for an off-trail hike or pull up to photograph the scenic spot known as Diana's Pool. Take the US-44 from Coventry to Chaplin and you'll have the opportunity to visit the Uconn Forest where there's an incredible network of interconnecting trails with stunning countryside views to amble down. Once you eventually reach Chaplin, drop by Chaplin'Z Best Pizza and you'll get a great pie.

Stafford Springs

Head north from Coventry to Stafford Springs and you'll discover a rural Connecticut village that really has something for everyone. For history buffs, there's the Stafford Historical Society Museum to browse around. For outdoor recreationists the Shenipsit State Forest or the Nye Holman State Forest to explore. Fans of motorsports and speed won't want to miss catching a few races at the Stafford Motor Speedway race track before going for a pie at Kolossos Restaurant and Pizza on West Stafford Road.

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