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The city of Mystic, Connecticut is definitely well-known in the pizza world—in fact, there is even a pizzeria named after it that draws in thousands of tourists every year! Since the landmark opened in 1973, it has been an epicenter in Mystic, but business really started booming when it was the inspiration for a set in the movie Pretty Woman. Even today, their storefront sign sends a shoutout to the movie by printing “A Slice of Heaven'' on it. Do not be fooled, though, because even outside of the infamous Mystic Pizza, the city has many other options to satisfy your Italian pizzeria fix. Because of its proximity to the coast, many of their dishes feature some type of seafood, but it is well-loved among customers because it is so fresh—in fact, it is where the white clam pizza originated. The city also does not have much in the way of chain pizza restaurants, which is to keep up with the fresh and local trend.

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The best pizza in Mystic: a local guide

Because of its inherent fame, Mystic Pizza has caused the thin crust pizza trend to increase. This is especially true amongst tourists, who often come for the whole Mystic Pizza experience. For locals, most of the novelty has worn off, but crowds of people continue to come because their pizza is said to be so delicious. It helps that Mystic Pizza is within walking distance of numerous other restaurants, so it gets a lot of exposure and it is convenient for those who live nearby. Considering it is near the heart of the city, that is a lot of people. Even their Brooklyn, New York, and “classic” pizza styles tend to be on the crispy side. Thin crust pizza has become their standard across the board, and all of the most reputable pizzerias in the region feature thin crust pizza as their main feature—not to say they do not offer thicker crusts as well, but unless it is a specialty pizzeria that focuses on it, it is not nearly as common.

Best Delivery Pizza in Mystic

Located near the coast by Mystic River, Anthony J’s Bistro offers a highly rated Italian eatery in the area. Its clam pizza is rumored to be one of the best around because of its proximity to the water, hence its ranking on the pizzeria scale. The restaurant also offers an extensive drink list with many fine wines, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers. Other popular items are the lobster ravioli and the baked shrimp scampi—again, seafood makes an appearance! If you dine in the restaurant, you are treated to a modern setting with ambient lighting. It is not too fancy, but it is slightly more upscale than a casual restaurant. There is a board with the soup du jour and recommended alcoholic drinks displayed on the wall that is updated daily. The prices are modest, but can get very expensive if you order certain things off of the menu. They also have several vegetarian and health conscious options, and they are open to requests.

Best Takeout Pizza in Mystic

In terms of takeout pizza, Avanti’s Pizza Restaurant ranks high on the list. It is located near Hanover Pond and has an excellent topping selection when ordering your pizza for takeout or delivery. Along with the customizable option, they also have a generous selection of specialty pizzas for meat and plant lovers alike. There is a very large dining room that offers ample bench and chair seating in a relaxed, casual setting. Compared to other pizzerias in the area, Avanti’s has excellent prices, even when you get multiple toppings. However, the only other options on their menu are a made to order Sicilian style pizza, calzones, and grinders, which are a type of Italian sandwich. Its concentrated menu has been perfected and attracts a lot of customers, though they are predominantly an older crowd. Reviews state that their ingredients are fresh, flavorful, and one of the best restaurants in Mystic.

Best Pizza Near Mystic


Located a ways in from the coast of Lamberts Cove, Stonington Pizza Palace is a very highly rated pizzeria among clientele. It has been open since 1986 and has transformed from a small eatery to a bustling restaurant, and it now declares that it offers exclusively local ingredients and new menu specials on a weekly basis. Their menu is very large, and there is guaranteed to be an option for anyone who visits. Their portions are generous, and their presentation is beautiful, but it is still appropriate for families and children. Considering the amount of food you receive, this is a great bang for your buck. In terms of pizza, they offer one unique option, which is their incredibly popular spaghetti pizza. Reviewers who dare to try this odd combination have loved it, and it is one of their best-selling menu items. They also offer gluten free pizza crust for those who do not want carbs on top of carbs, and there are many vegetarian items available.

New London

The Rolling Tomato may be a food truck, but that has not stopped it from becoming a favorite for people in New London, which is situated near the Thames River. It has been open since 2011, and has made a killing traveling around the area serving Italian food. The owner named all of the items on the menu after her friends and family’s pets, and there is a huge selection. This is especially impressive coming out of a food truck, but reviews say that the size does not compromise the flavors. The Rolling Tomato also features wings, salads, appetizers, and side sauces, some of which are gourmet and made by the chef. Some of the most well-loved dishes are the wings, Zoey Bear, and Poor Harley pizzas. It seems to be well worth the journey if you want to track down this amazing and down to earth Italian food truck!


Located near Buddington Pond, New York Family Pizza is a restaurant that is in a shopping center and has been in operation since 1989. They make their breads fresh every day, which is probably why their pizzas are so highly rated. They offer an ample menu with not only specialty pizzas (whole or by the slice), but also calzones, grinders, salads, and other Italian fare. Their vegetarian items are clearly distinguished on the menu. However, pizza reigns supreme as their most popular menu item.
The restaurant itself has a fairly standard storefront, and the interior is very casual. The prices are low, which means that families—obviously, hence the name—are the ideal crowd for the restaurant. Their New York style pizza has a thick outer crust and with a very foldable center, which makes it easier for busy families to consume. They also offer garlic rolls that are supposed to be sublime.

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