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The best pizza in Ridgefield: a local guide

Ridgefield, Connecticut, is a small town situated along the New York state border. Residents of Ridgefield have New York City and Hartford nearby, but they have many great cultural and culinary offerings at their fingertips in the historic and charming downtown Ridgefield. This area is your classic East Coast small town, with a Main Street stretch that features shops, cafes, restaurants, and pizzerias.

Like much of Connecticut, Ridgefield benefited greatly from Italian immigrants settling in town in the 20th century. Italian restaurants and pizzerias have become a vital part of life in Ridgefield. The food scene in Ridgefield leans local, with relatively few chains in town. Most folks in Ridgefield enjoy locally-owned-and-operated “Mom and Pop” delis, restaurants, and pizzerias. The town’s affinity for all things local explains why so many pizza parlors focus on the regional favorite New Haven-style pizza.

Ridgefield is Known for New Haven-style Pizza

Because of its immediate proximity to New York City, you might think their famous thin-crust would make its way up to Ridgefield, but this community is most passionate about New Haven pies. Ridgefield is about an hour away from coastal New Haven, so it makes sense that Ridgefield’s pizza style of choice would be New Haven-style thin crust.

This pizza famously originated in the kitchen of Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven. This pizza style is known for the limited use of melting cheeses as a topping. Generally, the crust is chewy, and it’s common for it to be charred slightly, as they are generally baked in coal-fired ovens. The most prominent feature of New Haven-style pizza would be the addition of littleneck clams.

You can find many outstanding examples of New Haven-style pizza in Ridgefield. This local favorite appears on most menus in town, and you can find both red pizza with tomato sauce and white pizza with olive oil and no other sauce done in the New Haven style.

Best Delivery Pizza in Ridgefield

John’s Best Pizza is a family restaurant right outside downtown Ridgefield that bakes delectable pizzas and Italian entrees. Start your meal off right with one of their amazing Italian-inspired appetizers. You can’t go wrong with their Bruschetta, Caprese, or Calamari.

Want something genuinely local? Their Clams Casino has fresh littleneck clams that are baked with bacon, loads of garlic, and white wine. You can also get these flavors on your pizza. John’s Best Pizza bakes the best New Haven-style pizza in Ridgefield. The White Clams Casino Pizza is sauce-less but packs a garlic-forward punch with other toppings like peppers, bacon, and clams. This is the iconic pizza style that Connecticut is famous for, and John’s bakes the best in town. Other notable options are their Sicilian Cheese and Quattro Stagioni Pizzas.

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Best Takeout Pizza in Ridgefield

Planet Pizza is aptly named. They have a wildly extensive menu of specialty, Sicilian, and pan pizzas. Their Sicilian pizza has a little more cheese than normal, but the crispy crusts and sweet homemade tomato sauce are absolutely perfect.

Planet Pizza’s pan pizzas are square-shaped and have thick buttery crusts that are crisped on the outside and chewy on the inside. Skip the need for an appetizer and order the Bruschetta Pan Pizza for the freshest basil and ripe tomatoes. The Portobello & Pecorino Pan Pizza comes with premium toppings to create a luxurious pizza on a decadent crust.

They have single-slice options for most of their specialty pizzas. Grandma's Pizza Slice with hand-crushed plum tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and fresh chopped basil is a go-to option. It’s impossible to argue against a slice of Chicken Parm or Margherita pizza if you’re on the go.

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Best Pizza Near Ridgefield


Toozy Patza Pizzeria specializes in Sicilian-style pizza, and they have a full menu of different options to choose from. Toozy’s Grandma Pizza tops their traditional crust with a sauce made from seasoned plum tomatoes, freshly chopped basil, and a heavy mozzarella layer to make one of Wilton’s most flavorful and filling pizzas. Their Majestic Sicilian Pizza throws some creative toppings together, like asiago cheese, artichoke hearts, truffle oil, and hot cherry peppers to create a pizza that is indulgent and accessible.


Tuscanero’s Pizza is an absolute must-try restaurant down the road in Danbury. Their Sicilian Pizza is a standout on the menu, with a notably buttery crust, a light sprinkling of cheese atop chunky, sweet tomato sauce. This is one of the finest examples of Sicilian pizza in all of Connecticut. Another excellent option for anyone looking for classic Italian flavors is the Bruschetta Pizza, which is loaded with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and extra-fresh basil. Pizza by-the-slice is an excellent offering for on-the-go ordering and a quick lunch.


Oliver’s Deli & Pizza in nearby Redding is an excellent neighborhood stop for sandwiches, pasta, and a variety of outstanding pizza options. Their pizza menu skews classic thin-crust, and there are specialty pies that really stand out. Their Chicken Parm Pizza will satisfy anyone who can’t decide between an entree and a pizza. Their White Pizza is an outstanding example of a New Haven-style thin-crust, just without the clams. Getting there early? Try one of their homemade breakfast sandwiches or burritos.

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