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The best pizza in Windsor: a local guide

The New York pizza is one of the most popular pizza types in the United States. It’s known for having large, thin slices. The crust is very crispy, but still holds together well enough for it to be folded in half. Many people consider this way the best for eating this style of pie.

The dough is usually hand tossed, which allows it to stretch out so thin. The pizza is then cooked in a brick oven, allowing the crust to get its unique texture. The pie is then cut and sold by the slice since the pieces are so large!

The crust is topped with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and any other toppings you want! There are so many different options when it comes to a New York style slice. You can create a variety of wonderful flavors.

In short, the New York pizza is very popular in this area. Many local pizzerias have it available, although you’ll be able to find a wide variety of styles in Windsor, CT.

Best Delivery Pizza in Windsor

If you want the best pizza delivery in Windsor, CT, then make sure to order Pizza Rama. The staff there start preparing your order as soon as they receive it, allowing them to get your food to you while it’s still hot. Many locals love this restaurant since they have an extensive menu with plenty of options for everyone.

The restaurant’s most popular options include their boneless wings, grinders, calzones, and of course pizzas! The regulars say they love their crust and their toppings. In particular, customers love their salami slices. No matter what toppings you order, you’re sure to get a lot of them!

The location also offers a tasty side salad and gluten-free crust options. Many people also mentioned that the staff provided wonderful customer service and made sure the order was prepared correctly. Overall, you’re sure to find something delicious to enjoy on their menu!

Best Takeout Pizza in Windsor

There are so many different places to order takeout from in Windsor. If you want the best takeout, however, you should order from Windsor Pizza. They offer many delicious menu items that you’re sure to love! Some of their most popular items include their calzones, the chicken cutlet grinder, and their garden salad. Locals also love the variety of pies they can try here.

The restaurant is open every single day of the week, making them a great option for your lunch breaks. Many people order ahead of time, then pick up their meals when they get out of work too. Your family is sure to love having Windsor Pizza for dinner.

The locals love the crust on these pies the most. They are very crispy and always served fresh. Customers also mentioned that the pizzeria offers some of the quickest times in the area- you’re sure to be enjoying your meal in no time at all!

Best Pizza Near Windsor


If you’re traveling to Vernon, CT, then be sure to stop by the Woodbridge Pizza there. The restaurant offers some of the best crust and sauce in the area. Many locals love this place- we’re confident that you will too!

East Windsor Hill

The Henry’s Pizzeria in East Windsor Hill offers amazing prices and great food- you really get a great value from this location. The food is always fresh and tastes delicious. You receive a lot of cheese and toppings with your pie, every single time you order.


If you want to enjoy some tasty pies, then the Flame & Cork Wood Fired Pizza in Hayden has many wonderful options. The pizza is handmade and you receive an amazing crust. Customers also say to try their garlic bread.

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