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The best pizza in Kailua: a local guide

If one thing is sure about the dining experience in Kailua, it’s that you won’t have a complete one without having a taste of the thin-crust pies that are served in the beach community’s restaurants. Of course, you’ll find other local cuisines and delicacies, but what adds the cherry to the community’s dishes is their pizza, and not just any one – because you’ll find one or more styles – but the thin-crust pies. What makes the pies in Kailua stand out is the unique blend of local ingredients that the pizzaiolos add to the food, meaning that you won’t just be getting your regular pizza with the traditional toppings you may be used to. Of course, the chefs are experts in preparing traditional thin-crust pies with fresh dough, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese, so if that’s what you want, you’ll get it, but where’s the fun in that? Request for a local special and you’ll begin to appreciate the uniqueness of the Italian-Kailua condiment combos.

Best Delivery Pizza in Kailua

If and when you’re craving delicious pizza in Kailua and you’re probably too busy to head out to a restaurant for it, that’s what delivery services are for, and there’s no better pizzeria to place an order than Foster’s Kitchen on Ali’i Drive. This restaurant has the reputation for providing excellent delivery services every time a resident or guest in the community requests their pizza. Even more, the pie always arrives on time, meaning you’ll get it hot and fresh. As for the taste, it doesn’t matter if you go for hot chicken, BBQ chicken, country meat deluxe, or any other house special, you’ll be pleasantly surprised every time. If you’re new here, choose any of the pies on the menu and have them deliver it to you. Rest assured you’ll become a regular and will go through every pie on their menu just to have the total experience. Place an order now on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Kailua

Prima is the prime restaurant for takeout in Kailua, so if you didn’t know, this restaurant on Hekili Street is where you should be headed whenever you want to grab a box or two of pizza on your way home from work or as you head out to any of the fascinating spots in the area for relaxation. The modern American restaurant makes use of wood-fired brick ovens to cook their pies and only uses fresh ingredients supplied by the local ranchers and farmers. That should give you an idea of what to expect from your pie. Since 2008, this hole-in-the-wall pizzeria has been serving premium takeout to the locals. You’ll love the comfortable Eames chairs, wood tables, and benches in the restaurant, all of which combine to create a beautiful setting. Parking isn’t an issue here too as you’ll easily find space so you can easily grab your pie when you arrive. Place an order on Slice for your pie now.

Best Pizza Near Kailua


The community of Kaneohe, which means Bamboo man, lies west of Kailua and was an ancient agricultural community blessed with plenty of rainfall. Even though it was a commercial base for banana farming, there’s little evidence of that today. Instead, you’ll find that it’s now mostly residential with a number of places to visit like Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden and Kaneohe Sand Bay. Zia’s Caffe on Kamehameha Hwy is where you want to go when you’re hungry for delish pie here.


Even though the community of Maunawili, located southwest of Kailua, is mainly residential, there are great spots to visit while here on vacation. One of these is Maunawili Falls, a popular destination for folks that enjoy hiking, so come along with your hiking boots for the adventure that awaits at the falls. Explore the Maunawili Valley too while you’re here so you can see numerous water streams too. Even though there are no pizzerias in the community, you’ll have a nice time and will probably be too busy having fun that you won’t feel hungry.


No adventure on the Hawaii islands is complete without a visit to the cosmopolitan city of Honolulu. Whether it’s historic landmarks you wish to see, or you’d like to shop, surf, or enjoy the nightlife, you’re in for a breathtaking experience for the entire period of your stay. You’ll never be bored when you’re at the beaches in the city and will always return for the pie that the pizzaiolos at Auntie Pasto's so expertly cook.

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