The Best Pizza Places Near You That Are Open Right Now

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Looking for restaurants near you that are currently open? No worries, we've got you covered. What follows is a list of all the pizzerias where you can get delicious food right away!

Pizza cravings can easily sneak up on you. One minute, you're there on your bed, deciding on what movie or TV show to watch. And the next thing you know, you need a hot crunchy slice to make it a full experience.

Or perhaps you're with a group of friends, ready for a football or basketball game to start. And you realize you all gotta have pizza along with your cheering.

Of course, pizza is so awesome that sometimes we plan days ahead on having it. You call a friend or colleague and set the date and time to go grab or order a mouthwatering pie. Or maybe it's just a momentary decision because let's face it, we're almost always in the mood for pizza.

And who makes the best tasting pies near you? That's right, your local pizzerias who use fresh and high-quality ingredients to make outstanding pizzas. Many of these pizza gems have award-winning chefs, generations-old family recipes, and all the passion in the world to make irresistible slices.

Plus the choice is huge! You can get anything from NY-style pies, Chicago deep-dish, Detroit-style, veggie, gluten-free, classic Margherita pizzas, and more. There's an amazing-tasting pie to fit anyone's taste.

However, the last thing you want is to get excited about pizza and find out the restaurant is closed. Especially if it's late-night and you can't be sure which places are actually open or not.

That's why we've made the list below - so you can check for local pizzerias near you that are currently open. Whether you're looking to eat out or order for takeout or delivery, just pick a pizzeria and you'll have your tasty slice in no time!

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