Top Pizza Restaurants in Aurora, IL in 2024 Near You

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Illinois is the state where the Chicago style pizza comes from, so you can find it at just about every pizzeria! Pizza came to America when soldiers returned to New York at the end of WWII, bringing with them many different pizza styles to experiment with. Over time, several different recipes were taken and changed.

The Chicago-style pizza is one of the most popular options, right alongside the New York style slice. If you live in Aurora, there are plenty of places for you to find this option. Be sure to order through Slice Life, if you want to get the best deals and fastest deliveries.

Overall, Aurora is on the Chicago Pizza trend. If you are not sure what this type of pizza is, we will be covering it in detail below, so be sure to stick around!

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The best pizza in Aurora: a local guide

The Chicago pizza is definitely the most popular pizza pie when it comes to this area of the state. However, have you ever tried an authentic slice? The pizza is a type of deep dish that folds up around the ends of the crust.

This unique design allows the pizza to form a strong wall that can hold tons of sauce and cheese. These pizzas are known for holding many toppings and are almost designed like bowls. The order of the toppings usually also is something that surprises many people.

First, the cheese is placed, then the sauce on top. If you have any more toppings, they are also going to be put under the sauce. If you enjoy flavorful pizzas, then this option allows you to better enjoy what the sauces of pizzerias have to offer.

Overall, you can find plenty of Chicago-style pizzas in Aurora. They are at almost every pizzeria that you can find here!

Best Delivery Pizza in Aurora

Want the fastest delivery in the area? You should try out Rosati’s Pizza, which is located on Ogden Avenue. The store offers free delivery when you order through Slice Life as well! They are super fast and always bring your order hot and ready to eat.

Customers rated this store highly for their attention to detail. The staff always make sure that your orders are cooked to perfection before they are shipped out. The food always arrives quickly, so you can still enjoy the gooey, warm cheese.

Overall, this place is going to be one of the best for delivery. If you have a pizza night coming up soon with the family, be sure to order from this shop! They will give you everything you need for a wonderful dinner.

Best Takeout Pizza in Aurora

However, if you are looking for takeout in the area, you will want to try Nancy’s. They are also located on Ogden Avenue in Aurora. You will appreciate the cleanliness and the atmosphere of the store when you enter. Plus, if you order through us, you can be sure that your order is already going to be ready to go.

The staff are friendly and will take your order right away. The place is very popular, but they manage their time very well. That way, they can easily get to each guest without issue. You should not have to wait long when you make your order ahead of time.

Their pizza is always made using fresh ingredients and toppings, plus you can get several different types of pies here. Overall, they are well worth checking out.

Best Pizza Near Aurora


Riverside Pizza and Pub offers a wonderful pizza. You can find several tasty pies here, as well as wonderful customer service. The staff are very friendly and always working to provide you with everything that you need. They are attentive too, so you can be sure to have a wonderful dining experience while you are in town.


DeCari To Go has wonderful takeout options. They can provide you with the best pizza in the area quickly, so they are worth checking out. They always use plenty of sauce and veggies, making them one of the best nearby stops for a vegetable pizza. Everything is always fresh, so you get many crunchy toppings.


Giordano's is very well known by the Aurora locals for having a delicious Chicago pie. They have a nice atmosphere too. Overall, you will want to stop by if you are a fan of the state’s deep dish pie- the staff always cook it to perfection and top it with a ton of ingredients. No matter what pizza you order from this place, we are sure that you will like it!

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