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The best pizza in Buffalo Grove: a local guide

Buffalo Grove is a tiny suburb of Chicago. The town is a village in Crook and Lake County in Illinois. Though a village, Buffalo Grove is everything a city should be. It provides a perfect balance of entertainment and a peaceful neighborhood feel. Buffalo Grove has plenty of outstanding educational opportunities, and this has a significant effect on its population and people that choose to settle in the city.

The community is mainly composed of young parents determined to find a perfect fit for their kid's education and retired older couples living in the posh suburb after their retirement. Residents are continually friendly and committed to maintaining their small town's peace, quiet, and cleanliness.

Even though the village is not constantly bombarded with tourists, it’s home to some of the best pizzerias and eateries among the northern suburbs of Chicago. In Buffalo Grove, it is always time for Chicago-style pizza or none at all.

Buffalo Grove is Known for Chicago-style Pizza

In Buffalo Grove, like in most parts of Illinois, Chicago-style pizza is the most preferred pizza style. This is not a big surprise since the pizza was invented at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago, situated just over 30 miles from Buffalo Grove.

Chicago-style pizza can be prepared as a deep-dish or stuffed pizza. Deep-dish pizza is cooked with a deep square pan and is characterized by a deep pan's high blocky edge. For stuffed pizza, the pizza is also prepared with a deep pan, but in this case, to give a deeper topping area. Classic toppings for Chicago pizza are plenty of mozzarella cheese and chunky tomato sauce. You can always go wild with toppings if you please.

In Buffalo Grove, you'll find both variations of the pizza. Depending on the pizzeria, there will be a stuffed pizza entry and deep-dish pizza. If you are lucky, you will find both. However, if you are after stuffed pizza and it's not on the menu, most pizzerias are willing to go the extra mile and prepare it for you.

Best Delivery Pizza in Buffalo Grove

One bite from Mugs Pizza and Ribs is all it takes to make it your primary delivery pizza spot. The pizzeria is owned and run by two Italian brothers who started the restaurant as a fast-food joint but later found a fondness for pizza. Now, they offer some of the best pizza in town.

Their pizza menu comprises specialty pizzas, Chicago-style stuffed pizza, and pizza by the slice. All their pizzas are topped with real mozzarella cheese and dough prepared with the finest ingredients. Mugs’ Chicago-style stuffed pizza is a favored item from their menu. The pizza is with two and half-inch thick dough, cooked to perfection and stuffed with cheese and toppings of your choice.

Other than pizza, the restaurant prepares tasty ribs. They are cooked tender, making them easy to eat off the bone, then dipped in sauce to give a saucy and flavourful taste. The ribs are served with chicken or with chicken and shrimp. Check out more items and pairings from their menu and make an order through Slice:

Best Takeout Pizza in Buffalo Grove

Rosati's Pizza is an Italian chain pizzeria situated at Spoerlein Commons, along McHenry Road in Buffalo Grove. The pizza is a reliable choice for all your takeout needs. Whether you are having an exciting day and you are looking forward to spoiling yourself with some slices, or for when you need a pick-me-up slice, Rosati's is perfect.

Their pizza menu includes thin-crust pizzas, double dough pizzas, Chicago deep-dish pizza, stuffed pizza, and pan pizzas. They prepare their pizza with dough infused with oregano, which makes a great addition to its taste. The sauce is well-seasoned with a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Their cheese has an ideal texture, which combines perfectly with the crust, making it entirely tasty even when served with plain cheese.

Additionally, the restaurant is favorable to your gluten-free and vegan needs. The staff is aware and knowledgeable when dealing with dietary allergen information.

Best Pizza Near Buffalo Grove

Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is a relatively large city with an old town feel and a modern touch. The town offers an abundance of activities to engage in and diverse foods to try.

For reliable pizza in Arlington Heights, head to Armand's Pizzeria on West Campbell Street. The pizzeria serves very thin and rich Italian pizzas. The crust is olive oil-based for their specialty pizzas unless stated otherwise. You can try their IL Pomodoro Pizza with mozzarella, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, Bermuda onions, and artichoke hearts.


Palatine is a small charming town with a warm and welcoming community. The city offers bowling alleys and excellent dining options.

Napoli Pizza is a great spot to get your pizza while in Palatine. They prepare famous thin-crust pizzas, Chicago-style pan, Neapolitan, and original stuffed pizzas. While you are there, have a taste of their designer Napoli Special Pizza. It has all the supreme toppings: onions, mushrooms, peppers, and sausage.


Riverwoods is a lovely city full of nature, providing a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. While you are in town, get your pizza from Sarpino's Pizzeria. They make some of the best traditional pan pizza baked to perfection using a combination of fresh ingredients, the restaurant's signature cheese blend, and pizza sauce. If you are gluten-free or vegan, their pizzas are equally delightful.

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