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The best pizza in Skokie: a local guide

Skokie was originally a small farming community known as Niles Center that was settled by pioneers of European descent. It remained unchanged until the early 20th century when tracts of land were sold off for housing developments that were being constructed to help alleviate housing shortages in nearby cities such as Des Plaines, Mount Prospect, and Chicago. As the village developed, manufacturers and commercial enterprises were attracted to the economical benefits of setting up business in Skokie. That in turn encouraged their employees to relocate to Skokie and by the 1950's Skokie's population boom had begun in earnest. There were many different nationalities who moved to Skokie during the middle decades of the 20th century and while they weren't in a majority by any means, some were Italian. As the village continued to expand, they made the most of the new business opportunities and opened the first pizzerias in Skokie.

Skokie in Illinois is known for pan-baked pizza

Skokie is known for pan-baked pizza which is a typical Italian pizza that can have either a thick or thin crust. Metal pans were used to cook pizzas back in Italy in the olden days when baking was done in coal or wood-fired ovens. The pan helped prevent the base of the pizza from charring while it's being baked. Some of the pizzerias in Skokie cook with wood-fired ovens and use pans for exactly the same reason as their ancestors did. Is there a difference between a pan-baked pie and a tray-baked one? Only one and that's the shape. A pan-baked pizza is round whereas a tray-baked pie is rectangular, but the pizza, no matter what shape of pan or tray it's baked in is the same.

Best delivery pizza in Skokie, Illinois

To get the best delivery pizza in Skokie you don't necessarily have to order from a pizzeria that's one hundred percent authentic Italian, there are other folks who can cook great pizzas too. To get the best delivery pizza in Skokie to turn up at your door, try ordering from Larsa's Mediterranean Cuisine on Dempster Street. At Larsa's they've been making and delivering pizzas since 2003. They do it from a premises that's more reminiscent of a Greek taverna than it is an Italian trattoria, but there's nothing wrong with that. All that matters is that the pizzas are first-class, and they undeniably are. Try Larsa's create your own thin crust or pan baked pizza and you'll give them your stamp of approval too.

Best takeout pizza in Skokie, Illinois

If you've been in Skokie Public Library doing some research or changing your books when hunger strikes, you're in luck. Just a few paces away is the pizzeria that bakes the best take-out pizza in Skokie. That pizzeria is Manny's Pizza on Oakton Street. Manny's is housed in an independent brick building with enough signage to let you know exactly what activity it’s dedicated to inside. Manny's premises are quite smart and there's a garden terrace where you can chill while waiting or even sit there when your pizza is ready. Manny's has a varied pizza menu and you can get an entire pie or just a slice if you prefer. The house special at Manny's, and one they're not shy of boasting about, is mac'n'cheese pizza so if you need a big carb intake, that's the pizza for you.

Best pizza near Skokie, Illinois

Des Plaines

While Des Plaines may be the biggest city near to Skokie, that doesn't mean all you can do there is go to museums and art galleries. Des Plaines is a super place to take the kids and somewhere they'll want to go again and again. Undoubtedly at the top of the kids’ wish list of things to do will be the Mystic Waters Family Aquatic Park, and who can blame them, as there's nothing more fun than sliding down water chutes. They'll probably enjoy a visit to the Wildwoods Nature Center or a hike along the Des Plaines River Trail which is great at any time of the year. Before you head for home, take them for a pizza at Gigo's Pizzeria on East Oakton Street and it'll be a total treat.


If you're yearning for a day at the seaside then going to Glencoe is not a bad substitute. Glencoe is on the shores of Lake Michigan and is an Illinois city with a spectacular beach on one side and the Skokie Lagoons on the other. There you can laze the day away on the sand or go canoeing or kayaking on the inland waterways. Worth taking a look at too is the Chicago Botanic Gardens where there are almost four hundred acres of grounds consisting of manicured gardens and natural areas to explore. To find out more about Glencoe head for the Glencoe Historical Society Museum before having a pizza at the Little Red Hen on Vernon Avenue.

Buffalo Grove

For a change of scene from Skokie, without going miles out of your way, make a fifteen-minute trip north to Buffalo Grove. If you’re there around Halloween, don't miss picking up a couple of pumpkins from Didier Farms before taking a tour and sampling some of the produce at the Valentino Vineyards and Winery. For a quick adrenaline thrill, give K1 Speed indoor karting track a go, or for a quieter afternoon take a stroll through the Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve where there are more than five miles of trails and a scenic reservoir to relax by the side of. You can get a better than good pizza in Buffalo Grove at Giordano's on North McHenry Road.

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