Top Pizza Restaurants in Louisville, KY in 2024 Near You

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After WWII, returning soldiers who were stationed in Italy had gotten the taste of pizza and they wanted more. Plenty were buying pizza in New York and supported the local shops there. However, they soon started to spread. Everyone wanted to try this dish.

As pizza swept across the nation in the 60s and 70s, Louisville got in on the trend. Pizzerias with red and white checkered tablecloths were appearing all over the state. In fact, the original Impellizzeri’s Pizza opened here years ago.

The shop is still open to this day, and the pizzeria even created what would become known as the Louisville style. This unique style is very popular in the area. Overall, there is a lot to know about pizza in the area. We have all of the best options for you on this page, so be sure to keep scrolling! Your new go-to pizza place is probably just around the corner.

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The best pizza in Louisville: a local guide

The Louisville style pizza is known to have originated from Impellizzeri’s, one of the first shops in the state to focus on pizza. The crust is like bread; thin and soft to bite. The pie is then stacked with sauce, cheese, and toppings. However, they take it a step farther in this city.

Once you complete those layers, you do it again- like a pizza-lasagna combination. The pizza is heavily layered with sauce and toppings, then fired in an oven. After Impellizzeri’s came up with this idea, other stores in the area started to replicate it. Over time, the style became its own thing.

Impellizzeri’s opened years ago, but is just as popular now as it was then. Today, many people flock to the store to test out this massive pizza for themselves. If you want to try it for yourself, be sure to place an order online- you will love it!

Best Delivery Pizza in Louisville

Derby City Pizza has the best delivery in the city- they are fast. You do not have to wait too long after you place your order to receive your food. Plenty of customers mentioned that they received their pizza faster than the estimate too.

The pizzeria is owned locally and takes pride in its work. All of the staff are hard working and kind to the customers. If something were to go wrong with your order, you can be sure that they would take care of it for you- without any hassle.

They make plenty of pizzas, garlic bread, and more. If you love meat on your pizza, then this would be the place for you! Their meat lover’s is well known and greatly enjoyed by the locals.

The shop even makes their own homemade lasagna out of fresh ingredients. This is another fan-favorite, so we are sure that you would enjoy it.

Best Takeout Pizza in Louisville

The Corner Pizza & Pub on Murphy Lane has the best take out options. Their cheese is gooey and fresh, plus they have a variety of menu items. The inside is a bar, complete with an arcade and alcohol. If you decide you want to eat in instead, the atmosphere is fantastic.

Still, the takeout option is best for kids, if you are getting dinner. They also have plenty of delicious pizzas that kids love - lots of cheese and pepperoni. Adults can also enjoy their large selection of toppings. Because of this, we would have to say they are perfect for a pizza night at home too.

Many of the customers feel that their prices are fair, including both the cost of drinks and the pizzas. While this place is well known to locals, not many visitors know about it. If you are traveling through the area, be sure to stop by and get yourself a slice!

Best Pizza Near Louisville

Saint Matthews

If you are going to be passing through Saint Matthews, then you will want to visit DiOrio’s Pizza and Pub. It is a fun, local sports bar. They also have delivery and offer takeout too. They have delicious salads, chicken, pizza, and plenty of great drinks. Locals really enjoy this place!


If you are looking for something new and promising to try out, then you will want to visit the Hog Father Pizza Shop in this location. They have a focus on pork, but they have plenty of other dishes and toppings for you to try out as well. Customers love their pizza and all of the unique options that they have for their toppings.


Pizzaville is another new pizzeria that opened recently in the nearby area. Their crust is thick and delicious; plenty who have tried it loved it. They have many different toppings for you to select from and always consider your needs. While they are new, their customer service experience is still quite excellent.

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