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The best pizza in Beverly: a local guide

Steeped in some of the most moving and important history that would lead to the formation of the United States as we know it today, this is a city that is great to visit if you want to learn about US history and if you want to enjoy a beautiful historic downtown and lovely scenery. This is a city that has a family feel despite its size and you can enjoy a cozy and welcoming environment in this area when you visit. Originally part of Salem, this area split off from this other famous city in the mid-1600s. This location has been the site of factories, revolutionary movements, and now family life.

This area is a bit of a melting pot and you can trust restaurants here to offer Italian fare, BBQ favorites, and some really interesting fusion-style dishes that combine all of the best parts of each of the influences that have gone into making them. This is a location that is rich with history but also rich with culture, and you will enjoy both of them in equal parts when you visit.

Beverly is Known for Italian Pizza

This area is a good place to head for some classic Italian favorites. White Pizzas and Sicilian pies are on the menus in town but you can also get BBQ-inspired pizzas and Greek pizzas at some locations as well. This is a location that will offer you access to Italian pasta as well as tasty and filling side dishes that you can use to complete your order. Most of the places that make pizza in this area cater to nearly every taste that you could imagine so there is something on the menu for any preference when you enjoy a pizza dinner or lunch here.

It is not at all uncommon to see Indian and Greek dishes and sides on the menus in town as well as pizzas inspired by these taste styles. Eating out here will feel like sitting down for a meal in the big city and you will be able to enjoy diverse offerings that would be hard to find in a town of this size located somewhere else in the US.

Best Delivery Pizza in Beverly

Mikey's Famous Roastbeef & Pizza has a little bit of everything on its menu which makes it a great choice for a delivery order. You can get a great Buffalo Fingers Pizza here for a BBQ treat or a Santorini Pizza for a dish that is inspired by Greek cuisine. This restaurant makes great pizza rolls and you can trust them for excellent chicken wings too. They also make meal baskets and filling salads that can serve as meals all by themselves.

Mikey’s also makes sandwiches and calzone and they even have kabobs on the menu! You can trust them for delicious and filling meals that will satisfy any taste preference at all. This location also caters and you can get pasta, roast beef, and other excellent meal items delivered along with your pizza. This is a great place for delivery pizza and other delicious food and you can use Slice to get your order put in!

Best Takeout Pizza in Beverly

Freeda's Pizza & Calzones offers a full menu of Italian and gourmet pies that you can choose from for your lunch or your dinner. Their pasta-inspired pies are really excellent and you can get a Lasagna Pizza or a Margherita Pizza here with ease. The cowboy pizza is really excellent as well or you can get a White Pizza with many different toppings. This location also makes great sides and they offer some Indian dishes for a really fun multicultural twist.

If you want a calzone or a salad, you can get those here as well and they have excellent hot and cold subs as well as wraps for your enjoyment too. The Indian Dinners and the pizza are the stars on this menu but there is a lot to love when you order here and certainly many different kinds of foods to enjoy. This is a great place for your takeout order because you can get almost any kind of cuisine here from anywhere in the world. Use this Slice to place your takeout order!

Best Pizza Near Beverly

Peabody, MA

Atha’s Roast Beef & Pizza offers many great Greek pizzas as well as grilled pizzas and White pizzas. Their Chicken BBQ pizza is excellent and you can trust them for a fluffy crust and really good sauces that match each pizza style that they make. This location offers good salads and sides and their Feta Fries are excellent. You can also get calzones and hot sandwiches here as well. This is a great place for hearty meals as well as pizza and pizza-related sides.

Salem, MA

Essex’s NY Pizza & Deli offers authentic NY pizza and sides and you can get everything from a White pizza to a New York-style pie with your favorite toppings on it when you order here. Their Cambridge Pizza is really good and you can get a delicious build-your-own pizza here if you want as well. Add a soup or salad to your order or choose from delicious fries that are as good as filling meals by themselves. This is a great location for all kinds of taste preferences and the portions are large and filling.

Danvers, MA

Prime Roast Beef & Pizza makes an amazing Roast Eggplant Ricotta Pizza or you can get other Italian classics here like a Portobello and Pesto Pizza. This restaurant also has excellent gluten-free pizzas and you can craft your own pie or choose from a big list of signature toppings and pizza styles for your order. Their skinny pizza is made to save on calories but will taste just as good as the original pies that you order here. This is a really good place to head to if you have dietary limitations or want to break free of the heaviness of a regular pizza crust for your meal.

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