Top Pizza Restaurants in Brighton, MA in 2024 Near You

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Brighton, MA is seen as being one of the best places to live in the state. There are a ton of bars, shops, coffee places, parks, restaurants, and pizzerias for you to explore. The area is full of many working families, so you might feel always on the move or super busy when you live here.

If you want to enjoy something tasty with the family after a long day of work, why not enjoy a pizza? You’re sure to love all of the options that are available in the area. However, all of the local pizzerias are the best- you get a lot of food, friendly service, and a ton of flavor.

If you’re ready to find your new favorite pizza place, make sure to continue reading. Slice can connect you with all of the best pizza places in Brighton, MA. So, make sure to choose something off this list- we know you’ll love it!

The best pizza in Brighton: a local guide

In Brighton, MA, you’ll find plenty of places that serve the Neapolitan pie. These pies are a Naples-style pizza, which uses plenty of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and olive oil. The outer rims of the Neapolitan come with a raised crust. While it’s also a thin pie, the edges are fluffier and thicker than the rest of the crust.

You’re sure to love the textures that this authentic type of pie has to offer you. Plus, you also always get a classic taste. For a pizza to be called a Neapolitan, it needs to follow many strict rules and guidelines when it comes to preparation.

Overall, you’re sure to have a nice time in the city when you order through us. We can connect you with all of the best pizza places. Plus, you can enjoy a variety of classic pies when you place your order online. The sooner you order through us, the sooner you can have a Neapolitan pie at your door!

Best Delivery Pizza in Brighton

Anyone who’s already feeling pretty hungry should make sure that they order from Milano Pizza. This place has many amazing online reviews, so we’re sure that you’ll love it too. The pizzas always arrive on time and are hot and ready for you to enjoy.

The staff there are also very caring and take the time to ensure that your order is baked to perfection. Many of their customers recommend that you try the Al Pacino subs, the Harvard Square Sub, and the Chicken Parm Pizza. These menu items are some of their most popular ones.

Finally, the store is always open very late at night. That makes them perfect for when you have the need for a late-night snack, but don’t want to cook on your own.

In short, this is one of the best places to get food delivered from. You receive a ton of food with your order and always get a lot of sauce, cheese, and other toppings. If you’re looking for something new, make sure to give them a shot! Your food will arrive very quickly.

Best Takeout Pizza in Brighton

For the best takeout options, make sure to try out Pizza ETC. They also have plenty of great reviews online. The location serves late at night and always offers the friendliest service around. Plus, they’re very fast and ensure that you’re well taken care of.

This place is so fast. Many locals order ahead of time, then pick up their food on the way home from work. If you need to bring a quick dinner home to the family, then make sure you consider this method. They’re sure to love all of the wonderful options that this place has.

Their menu is also very well equipped with plenty of takeout items. You should have no problems with transferring the food back to your home or work.

To summarize, this location is very well loved by all of the locals. You’ll be certain to also have a positive experience the next time that you order from them. Be sure to use the link below when you next want takeout!

Best Pizza Near Brighton


Santarpio’s Pizza is one of the best places to order. You can experience plenty of new flavors and enjoy all of their sides and desserts. The best part is that the store offers very low prices on all of their meals. You’re sure to get plenty of food at a great value.


Max and Leo’s Pizza offers plenty of great toppings for you to select from. You can pile your Neapolitan pie high with all the options that they have. Plus, the ingredients and toppings are always very fresh!


Pinocchio’s Pizza and Subs has many amazing and delicious recipes for you and your family to enjoy. They also have some of the best prices around. You’re certain to find something that stands out to you.

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