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The best pizza in Dedham: a local guide

Dedham was first settled by British pioneers in the early 17th century who had decided to move on from where they had first set up home. It was an organized community from the start and one whose growth was greatly influenced by the construction of a canal between the Neponset and Charles rivers. Although the waterway was man-made it had a rapid enough flow to power mills which made the settlement prosperous from the beginning. By the onset of the 20th century, Dedham also had excellent rail and road connections in place. The affluent town continued its development industrially as well as becoming a bedroom community for nearby Boston, Quincy, and Weymouth. By the 1960s Dedham had a population of over twenty thousand and that didn't go unnoticed by prospective Italian restauranteurs with ambitions to open pizzerias in Norfolk County. They relocated to Dedham, set up their businesses, and the residents of the town enjoyed pizzas for the first time.

Dedham in Massachusetts is known for traditional Italian pizza

Dedham is known for traditional Italian pizza which means that the pizzerias in Dedham bake both thick and thin-crust pizzas. Both of these two types of pizzas are authentic Italian bakes that have been around for almost as long as history has been recorded. Just like spaghetti and meatballs, they form part of the staple Italian food scene which definitely wouldn't be the same without them. In essence, thick and thin crust are the same. The dough base for both types of pizza is made from the same simple ingredients of flour, yeast, salt, and water. They're both typically topped with a rich tomato sauce, unless it's a white pie, and cheese. The only difference between them? Thin crust is made with a lesser quantity of dough so bakes up crispier than a thick crust.

Best delivery pizza in Dedham, Massachusetts

When customers give a pizzeria a five star rating then you can guarantee that's the pizza joint you'll get the best delivery pizza in Dedham from. One of the Dedham pizzerias that has achieved that high-ranking score is The Dedham House of Pizza. The Dedham House of Pizza has its premises on Washington Street where it’s housed in a red brick building with a well-styled frontage and classy, but simply decorated interior. It shouts, “we're serious about pizza making!” and so they are. They put their heart and soul into creating great pizzas like their Westfield Special and their superb selection of calzones. Any delivery pizza you get from here will be one that will leave you wanting more.

Best takeout pizza in Dedham, Massachusetts

If you've just spent an hour swimming lap after lap of the Draper Pool then it's understandable you're thinking of a take-out pizza. Fortunately, you're around five minutes drive from where you can get the best take-out pizza in Dedham. Head down Providence Highway and, unless you've still got chlorine in your eyes, you'll soon spot the bright red canopies on the premises of the Uno Pizzeria and Grill. The Uno Pizzeria and Grill is a stand-alone business with its own parking lot. The well-maintained building is as smart inside as it is out so make sure you've dried off properly before going in. At this pizza joint they don't just bake pizzas, they bake award-winning pizzas, so you know whatever pie you choose for your take-out, thin crust or deep dish, it’s going to be great.

Best pizza near Dedham, Massachusetts


The fifteen-mile trip from Dedham to Weymouth is a scenic one as you'll be driving through the Blue Hills Reservation. It might be tempting to stop there to enjoy the views but keep going and you can get a breath of fresh air in the Wompatuck State Park instead where there are forty miles of trails winding through the forest. If you want to do more than enjoy nature while you're in Weymouth, you can visit the US Naval Shipbuilding Museum or the Bare Cove Fire Museum. After that, take a stroll around the Front Street Historic District before dropping by the Weymouth House of Pizza on Broad Street for a pie.


To be able to combine outdoor activities with some cultural ones on one day while staying in the same place is easy if you go to Framingham. Framingham is a twenty-mile drive west from Dedham and if you take the MA-9 route you'll pass through the northern region of the Mass Audubon's Broadmoor Wildlife Refuge. Have a browse around the collections in the Danforth Art School Museum then head for the Callahan State Park. The park encompasses eight hundred acres of beautiful countryside with lots of meadows and ponds. There are miles of dog-friendly hiking trails and even a swim beach for pups in the dog park. When you're ready to eat, you can get a great pizza at Family Style Pizza on Waverly Street.


Dedham has an industrial-related history connected with the Charles River and if you want to learn more about that you can by taking a trip to Waltham. Waltham is around fifteen miles north of Dedham and where the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation is located. If you'd like to add in an extra museum visit while you're there then the Rose Art Museum has incredible collections that are well worth taking an hour or two to view. Gore Place with its manicured grounds and 19th-century mansion or the 18th century Lyman Estate are both super spots to explore before going to Pini's Pizzeria on River Street for a pizza.

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