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Massachusetts is famous for the city of Boston, excellent universities, and seaside towns like Cape Cod. It has a rich history, and Franklin is a fast-growing town in the state. Franklin is a fantastic place for families and retirees due to its low crime rate and location about an hour outside Boston. You can sample different dishes from across the world in Franklin, and pizza is one of the most popular options, especially for delivery and takeout. Pizza came to Franklin with Italian and Greek immigrants. By the late 1950s, it was already an everyday food. Greek pizza has dominated most pizzerias around the town, and it has helped popularize the dish among the locals. The town also celebrates food in the form of events, like the Franklin Harvest Festival. It’s held annually in the summer and attendees can sample a variety of food, including pizza, enjoy live music, and buy interesting hand-made crafts.

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Franklin is Known for Greek Pizza

Franklin is the right place to try different pizza offerings in Massachusetts. You will likely fall in love with Greek-style pizza the moment you taste it. It was first served in 1955 by a Greek immigrant from Albania who wanted to make a tasty dish to sell to the locals in Connecticut. Greek pizza is prepared differently from other pizzas. It's baked by placing the dough in a shallow well-oiled pan instead of directly baking it on the oven floor. The crust is flavorful due to the use of additional olive oil and is generally fluffier than traditional New York-style pizza. Greek pizza makes you drool just thinking about its Mediterranean toppings. This pizza style is often topped with spinach, tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, oregano, and of course, feta cheese. The golden brown spongy crust holds all these decadent toppings perfectly.

Best Delivery Pizza in Franklin

Treat yourself to a savory Greek pizza delivery from Franklin Pizza & Deli, and you will enjoy the feast of a lifetime. The pizza quality starts from the ingredients the pizzeria uses in making their dishes. The meat is always fresh and the veggies are always ripened to perfection. You can order the traditional Greek Pizza with spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese. All of their regular pizzas are Greek-style baked in a pan. If you prefer a pizza with more meat toppings, you can try one of Franklin Pizza’s specialty pizzas. The Fenway Pizza has sausage, onions, and peppers, whereas the Heartbreaker Express Pizza is loaded with five kinds of meat and their savory cheese blend. Franklin Pizza has a lengthy menu filled with delicacies you shouldn’t wait to try. Complement your pizza choice with Caesar, Greek, or Antipasto Salad. They also have Middle Eastern cuisine with components like shawarma and falafel.

Best Takeout Pizza in Franklin

360 Italian Pizzeria & Kitchen offers tasty hot stone thin-crust pizza in Franklin. The pizzeria has sharpened its pizza-making skills, and every order comes out delicious. Try a Mac & Cheese pizza, and you will be left wanting another. The pizzeria will serve your takeout pizza while still hot and fresh, and the customer service here is delightful. When making the difficult choice of what to order, consider the 360 Pizza with two kinds of roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, and grilled chicken. Turn their gluten-free crust into your favorite meal with your choice of toppings, or opt for any of their specialty pizzas on the gluten-free crust. Feeling adventurous? Build your own calzone, or pick one of their already tempting combinations. 360 Italian Pizzeria also has colorful salads, healthy wraps, and cheesy pasta. Complete your meal with a sinful dessert, like the Chocolate-covered Peanut Butter Balls.

Best Pizza Near Franklin


Medfield is close to Franklin and is home to several pizzerias offering tasty Italian dishes. Papa Gino's has been a leading light that serves a premium Italian Sausage Ricotta Pizza. When you open the pizza box, you will find a pizza topped with delicious-looking Italian sausage, a blend of three cheeses, pizza sauce, and red pepper flakes. The family-owned and managed pizzeria prepares meals using only homemade dough and vine-ripened tomatoes. This is part of what gives their food a signature taste.


Walpole lies northeast of Franklin and is a place full of wonders. The food offered in the town is always delicious and tempting. Pizzeria Grande’s menu features scrumptious Greek Pizza and Chicken Alfredo Pizza on a thin, crispy, hand-tossed crust. They do pizza by the slice, tasty appetizers, and wonderfully fresh salads.


When you travel northwest of Franklin to Hopedale, be ready to sample a delectable Mexican Pizza offered at Christiano Pizza. It has a bunch of veggies, jalapeno peppers, olives, and ground beef. Underneath all this goodness is a layer of salsa and mozzarella cheese. This family-owned and run pizzeria understands what their customers need, which is evident in their inclusive menu and fabulous service. The delicious food doesn’t hurt, either.


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