Top Pizza Restaurants in Holyoke, MA in 2024 Near You

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Massachusetts is known for Greek-style pizza- and so is Holyoke. You can find a variety of styles here, however. There is the Chicago and New York slice here for sure, but none are as popular as the Greek pizza.

Many people in this area are middle-aged, so you will notice that many places offer fast service. People want to enjoy their food quickly, since they have a lot going on in their busy lives. If you live here, you are familiar with these restaurants already.

Overall, Holyoke has many delicious places for you to check out. Some are easy to find and others are hidden gems.

There are also plenty of pizza places that locals will recommend. These places are harder to find on your own. If you are visiting the area, make sure you try them out! We have all of the best options in this article.

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The best pizza in Holyoke: a local guide

In America, the Greek pizza style includes dough that is cooked in a pan, instead of being stretched. It is not baked in a pizza oven and comes with plenty of toppings. Olives, feta cheese, spinach, and chicken are some of the most popular toppings for this type of pizza.

Greek pizza is greasy- oil is applied to the pan before the dough is set in it. It can be runny, but many people enjoy the unique flavor of this pizza style.

The biggest difference between Greek and other types of pizzas is how the dough is prepared. With a Greek pizza, there is no stretching, so you end up with a thicker crust. Many of the toppings are similar to the other pizza styles as well.

Overall, people in Holyoke love this type of pizza! You can find Greek slices all over the state. We recommend that you check them out whenever you get the chance.

Best Delivery Pizza in Holyokeh

For anyone in the Holyoke area looking for a quick bite to eat, you will want to check out Paramount Pizza Slices. They are on Northampton Street and have a low delivery charge. Plus, they are very punctual, so you can have your favorite slices soon!

This place is one of those hidden gems we mentioned earlier. They deliver to a wide area and have plenty of delicious items. You can find garlic knots, chicken tenders, sandwiches, and more here. Customers love their pizza the most.

The pizzeria also carries plenty of different pizza toppings and styles. If you enjoy a classic New York slice, you can find them here! If you live in the area and have not ordered from Paramount Pizza Slices yet, you should ASAP. You will enjoy what they have to offer.

Best Takeout Pizza in Holyokeh

If you need takeout in Holyoke, then you should place an order with Holyoke Pizza. They have amazing customer service and always provide you with everything you need. The store is also very fast, especially if you call ahead. Many people plan their lunch breaks from work with them.

Holyoke Pizza is most well-known for their grinders and calzones. They do have good pizza too- customers love their crust and felt that their sides were also seasoned to perfection. Next time you want wings, you can pick those up here too!

Customers also mentioned that they appreciated the combo deals this shop offers. They are listed in their menus and are usually a good value. You can expect to get some pizza and a two liter bottle of soda at a good price.

The place is usually busy because the locals enjoy their food. If you want to get your meal promptly, you can order online with Slice or call ahead. That way, you know you can be in and out of the shop quickly.

Best Pizza Near Holyoke


Chicopee is not too far away from Holyoke, if you are looking to take a day trip. John’s Pizzeria & Restaurant has the best food in the area. They have sandwiches, pizza, subs, and more. Customers love the fresh, unique ingredients they use to make their meals. Plus, they are fairly priced and always prompt with preparing your order.

South Hadley

Heading to South Hadley? The best pizza you can find there would have to be from Pizza D’Action. They have a large menu selection and add tons of delicious toppings to their pizza. Their food comes with a low price tag. Plus, you get large portion sizes. Overall, they are worth checking out.


If you love fun, decorated pizzas, then Antonio’s Pizza and Wings is going to be perfect for you. They load their pies with tons of sauce and offer a special spiral of white sauce on top. Their delivery is always timely and they offer slices that you can eat on the go. Most locals will recommend this place.

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