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The best pizza in Mansfield: a local guide

The town of Mansfield in Bristol County, Massachusetts started receiving explorers as early as 1640, but none of them settled here until about two decades later. The town is popular as the birthplace of Honey Dew Donuts, a producer of snacks that’s renowned in the New England region. Whenever you visit Mansfield, whether alone or with family, you’ll find plenty of places to spend time and enjoy the sights and scenes. As the home of the National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture, you should definitely sign up to see some of the 2,000 dolls in the museum that tell the story of African Americans. A historic site in the town is the Mansfield Public Library that was built in 1884. Lovers of performing arts always spend time at the Xfinity Center in the town where renowned and talented artists put on interesting shows and performances. If you happen to be in town while one’s on, don’t miss it.

Mansfield is known for New York pizza

Even though the town of Mansfield lies within the New England region, the folks here are more inclined towards New York-style pizza than New England pizza (or Greek pizza as it’s so popularly called). That’s not to say you won’t find Greek pizza in some of the town’s restaurants, because you surely will. It’s just that NY pies get the locals more excited. So, if you’re a fan of New England pizza, you won’t be left out. The New York-style pizza in town is locally called cheese pizza and isn’t particularly different from that which you’ll find on the streets of New York. The pizzaiolos make the pie using hand-tossed dough with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. A few variants with ricotta cheese and feta cheese are common too. As for the toppings, there’s a long list to choose from, but some of the popular ones are pepperoni, ham, garlic, bacon, and black olives.

Best Delivery Pizza in Mansfield

When you’re on the lookout for a pizza delivery place that will satisfy your cravings in Mansfield, consider placing an order from Bertucci’s Brick Oven Pizza & Pasta on School Street. This pizzeria is quite popular in the town among those that love to craft special pies, thanks to the expertise of the pizzaiolos and how they beautifully package every box for delivery. Any pie that comes from Bertucci’s arrives fresh and piping hot, not to mention delicious. There are signature pies available here too, so feel free to find the pie that works for you and request for it. You’re guaranteed a mix of freshly-made dough, high-quality ingredients, and delightful toppings because the sole priority of the team at Bertucci’s is meeting every customer’s needs in every bite. Place an order now on Slice to get started.

Best Takeout Pizza in Mansfield

Great Woods Pizza is the kind of restaurant that you’ll always enjoy driving to for a quick pizza pickup, regardless of whether you’re resident in Mansfield or an adjoining town. Why? Because their pies are just so great that you won’t be able to stop craving it after you’ve tried it the first time. It’s why folks in the town regularly plan to drive by Elm Street for a quick stop and grab. It’s one thing to serve really amazing pizza, and it’s yet another thing to have a great team of chefs and attendants ready to cater to your most delicate and unique needs. Great Woods has both and, as a result, keeps the business of the locals. The restaurant itself is a welcoming place with nice interior decors and settings, so the short time you’ll spend here during pickup will be well worth it. Get your pie now by ordering via Slice.

Best Pizza Near Mansfield


The town of Plainville was formed in 1905 when it separated from Wrentham. Before then, it was home to the Wampanoag people. When the town was in its infancy, it had a nickname Slackville after one of the popular landowners – Benjamin Slack. Besides the fact that Papa Gino’s serves the most delightful pies in the town, there are nice attractions you can visit here, such as the Plainridge Park Casino, One Up Games, An Unlikely Story Bookstore, and Heather Hill Country Club.


Foxborough town, located north of Mansfield, was settled in 1704 and often goes by the spelling Foxboro. Named after Charles James Fox, this town used to be home to the largest straw hat factory in the world before it got burned down in the early 1900s. Today, the town is popular for the Gillette Stadium which opened in 2002. A great place to get lunch or dinner in town is South Street Pizzeria, and while you’re at it, you can pencil in a visit to places like The Nature Trail And Cranberry Bog, and F. Gilbert Hills State Forest.


As you schedule a visit to the town of Easton with your family, prepare to explore some of the fascinating spots like Ames Free Library, Oakes Ames Memorial Hall, Borderland State Park, and Benjamin Williams Tavern on Bay Road. The area used to be called East End before it was incorporated as the town of Easton in 1725. Grab dinner at Papa Gino’s on Washington Street after a long day of adventure and exploration here before you head home.

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