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The best pizza in Norton: a local guide

Norton in Massachusetts was first settled by British pioneers as far back as the late 17th century when they called their new community North Taunton. Even though it was a dispersed rural community that survived by subsistence farming, a village began to form around a nucleus of public buildings. By the late 1800s and after changing its name, Norton had evolved from a village into a town, but because of strange happenings in what is now known as the Bridgewater Triangle, it was a town where many residents didn't stay for long. What provoked Norton's era of major growth was the construction of two state highways that intersected in the center of the town. People passing through began to realize the town's potential as a bedroom community and unusual phenomenon or not, they relocated to Norton while working in cities like Taunton, Providence, and Pawtucket. By the 1980s, Norton had become a sizable blob on the map of Massachusetts and was home to over twelve thousand people. Some of those residents who were of Italian descent decided the time was right to open their own businesses. They opened the first pizzerias in Norton and made sure the locals never went without pizza again.

Norton in Massachusetts is known for cheese pizza

What does it mean when it's said that Norton is known for cheese pizza? It means that the pizzerias in Norton like to prepare a basic thick crust pizza then let their clients choose their own topping ingredient combinations. That's an ideal way of keeping their customers one hundred percent satisfied. It also helps prevent confusion in the kitchen when folks ask for things to be left off a ready-made combination. While the majority of the pizzerias in Norton work to the cheese pizza, choose-your-own-toppings ethic, there are a couple that also have a menu of specialty pizzas. Don't expect anything otherworldly as most of the pre-made combinations are pretty basic and definitely not what could be classed as gourmet. They're tried and tested though and so are guaranteed to taste absolutely great.

Best delivery pizza in Norton, Massachusetts

There are a few pizzerias in Norton you can call when you want a pizza delivered, but to get the best delivery pizza in Norton you should call Albert's Pub and Pizza. When it comes to delivering pizzas, this pizza joint delivers on both quality and service, unlike some of the other Norton pizzerias who don't deliver at all. Albert's Pub and Pizza is located on Mansfield Avenue in a huge white villa-style premises with an arched Mediterranean-looking frontage while inside, the décor is more in keeping with a pub. Pub or not, these guys know how to bake pies and not only do they prepare regular round ones, they also bake sheet pizzas big enough to feed the entire family. If you're thinking of ordering one of those then you need to place your order twenty-four hours in advance.

Best takeout pizza in Norton, Massachusetts

If you're heading back into town after hiking up to King Phillip's Cave and are thinking of picking up a pizza, head straight for East Main Street. On East Main Street you'll find Pizza Tyme which is where they make the best take-out pizza in Norton. Pizza Tyme has a compact premises with a small dining area that's also used as storage space on occasion. Once you make your way through the tables and boxes to the counter you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the menu on the wall behind it. As well as top-your-own cheese pizzas this pizza joint also has a long menu of one item pizzas as well as a few deluxe pizzas that are topped with two ingredients. If you want a take-out pizza to get excited about go for the Pizza Tyme Special and you won't be disappointed.

Best pizza near Norton, Massachusetts


Brockton is a Massachusetts city around fifteen miles northeast of Norton where the residents know how to pack a punch - or at least they once did, as Brockton was the home of two of the biggest boxing legends of all time: Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler. While there isn't a boxing museum in Brockton, there are plenty of others like the Fuller Craft Museum and the Brockton Fire Museum you can have a look around. Brockton is also bordered by the Ames Nowell State Park where there are some beautiful lakeside hiking trails. The lake, which is more of a large pond, is also perfect for kayaking or canoeing and fishing. When you want to eat, you can get a better than good pizza at Stella's on Crescent Street.


Taunton is the place to head for from Norton for any outdoor enthusiast as it's close to both the Massasoit State Park and the Freetown Fall River State Forest. Both areas offer endless opportunities for hiking, biking, and wildlife spotting. If you prefer indoor activities then you can pass a couple of hours or more at the Old Colony History Museum where there are collections of artifacts related to local history. You can combine outdoor time with a museum visit if you go to the Dighton Rock State Park. That's also a super spot for a picnic so pick up a take-out pizza from Devito's Pizzeria on Taunton Green before you go.


Make the thirty-mile trip east from Norton to Plymouth and you'll get a blast of fresh sea air as well as being able to enjoy some fascinating cultural activities. Discover what it felt like to be a pioneer in the 17th century by visiting the Plimoth Patuxet Museum which is a reconstructed pioneer village with live reenactments. Take a selfie in front of the Plymouth Rock monument which marks the spot where the Mayflower ship landed. If you're with youngsters then they'll probably prefer a visit to the Edaville Family Theme Park or the Water Wizz of Cape Cod more than all the history. When you're ready to go for a pizza then give Stevies Pizza Plymouth on Main Street a try and you'll be pleased you did.

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