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The best pizza in Pittsfield: a local guide

The city of Pittsfield in Berkshire County, Massachusetts was home to the Algonquian Mohican people for a long time till the early 1700s when the majority of them moved away from the area following the outbreak of war and disease. In its early days, the community that settled here was predominantly invested in agriculture because of the brooks that served the Housatonic River. Subsequently, the mill industry developed as lumber, grist, textile, and paper mills sprang up and dotted the area. Today, Pittsfield is a vibrant city where all the fun and adventure happens. Art, theater, and music lovers have plenty of places to go for events, shows, and displays that interest them, while boaters and swimmers get to enjoy the city’s beautiful lakes. Scenic drives through the city will also present great views of picturesque flora. For foodies, there’s a wide range of restaurants – Italian, Brazilian, French, Mexican, etc. – to choose from, so you can’t run out of options. Visit Pittsfield today.

Pittsfield is known for Thin Crust pizza

As the largest city in Berkshire County, and the county seat as well, it’s not surprising that Pittsfield is home to lots of restaurants serving a wide array of pies, particularly the more common ones such as Sicilian, New York, Neapolitan, thin crust, thick crust, tomato, Greek, and so on. After all, the city receives a lot of traffic and the pizza chefs are committed to catering to every pie lover’s desires here. In spite of the abundance of pizza options in Pittsfield, thin crust pies stand out among the others as the most popular and loved style among the residents. Whether it’s the thin crust New York pie, Neapolitan pie or some other regular cheese pizza, the locals don’t mind, so long as the thin crust is well cooked and yummy. If you really want to entice the folks here, make use of mozzarella, feta, parmesan or ricotta cheese and you’ll see just how crazy they’ll be about the thin crust pie.

Best Delivery Pizza in Pittsfield

If you’re new in town, you’ll find some of the best pies in Pittsfield on North Street at Liberty Pizza, so check out the restaurant anytime you feel like pizza. Among the locals, however, Liberty Pizza is known for something and that’s pizza delivery. You’ll hardly find folks visiting the restaurant for pies, and that’s not because they don’t cook delish meals, but because the majority would rather have the pie brought to them from here rather than make the trip. After all, it’s not the best pizza delivery place in the city for nothing. The menu here is quite rich, so you’ll have options to choose from, and that’s regardless of the mood you’re in or the pie you’re craving. Regular cheese pies are available, and so are specialty pies and pizza slices as well. Every pie is made to order here, so go ahead and request for the one you want via Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Pittsfield

Tourists driving through Pittsfield, visitors in town for a vacation, as well as residents of the city that love pizza all have one thing in common, and that’s the fact that they can’t go anywhere else for takeout pizza after tasting the pies made by the pizzaiolos at Empire Pizza Restaurant on North Street. The restaurant has indeed built an empire in the city that attracts every pizza lover that’s on the move. You can either create your own desired pie from crust to topping, order a regular or white pie, or go for some of the specialty pies here when you want to get your food. It’s surely coming loaded with fresh and top-drawer ingredients, so that’s something you needn’t worry about. They have curbside delivery service too, so you can always have your box brought to you as soon as you arrive. Order now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Pittsfield


Whenever you’re in Lenox, remember that this is a town that’s all about history, meaning that you’ll find something that tells the story of the town’s past at every turn. Whether it’s The Mount you visit, or you take a tour of Ventfort Hall, you’ll be impressed by the things to learn. The downtown area is another place to go here, but don’t forget that a trip to this town without a meal at Betty’s Pizza Shack on Housatonic Street is an incomplete one.


In Lanesborough, there’s no better place to get Greek pizza than at Lanesboro Pizza on South Main Street, so add that to your itinerary as you explore this town that offers year-round recreational opportunities to guests from across the County. Activities such as hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, boating, cross-country skiing, and cycling are very popular here. Besides, as the oldest community in the County to be settled, there’s even more excitement for the history buff here.


The town of Hinsdale, east of Pittsfield, was originally known as Partridgefield before it broke out and became a standalone town. The top restaurant for pizza aficionados here is the Hinsdale Trading Company on Old Dalton Road where mean pepperoni pizza is served. Hikers enjoy themselves on the Appalachian Trail, while other outdoor enthusiasts spend time at Lake Ashmere or Plunkett Lake. Any way you choose to have it, there’s plenty to do here and lots to enjoy.

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