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The best pizza in Stoneham: a local guide

To say that Stoneham is known for thick crust pizza is something of an understatement. Thick crust is the type of base most commonly baked in the pizzerias in Stoneham, but they're not pizzas that could in any way shape or form be classed as humble pies. The pizza chefs in Stoneham, while they keep their dough basic and as close to a traditional Italian pizza as possible, like to pull out all the stops when inventing topping ingredient combinations. Gourmet is the title given to the thick crust pizzas at many of the pizzerias in Stoneham. Whether or not a regular Hawaii pizza or a Margarita with nothing more than tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil, should be called gourmet, as it is in some, is debatable. There's only one way of finding out if the pizzas in Stoneham called gourmet with only a couple of basic ingredients are worthy of the title or not is to try them for yourself.

Best delivery pizza in Stoneham, Massachusetts

There are a few necessary components needed for a pie to be classed as the best delivery pizza in Stoneham. Good dough, fresh topping ingredients, perfect cooking, and swift dispatch. The pizzas from Stoneham Pizza on Main Street deliver on all counts – no pun intended. Stoneham Pizza manage their dough with finesse, use quality products for toppings, don't leave the pizza in the oven too long so the base turns to charcoal, and are quick to deliver. Stoneham Pizza's premises are located in the Farm Hill Shopping Center. It's not a flash eatery by anyone's standards, but it’s homely and the staff are friendly even when you're ordering over the phone. Their pies carry simple topping combinations all of which are big crowd-pleasers. If you consider chicken and broccoli, buffalo sauce and cheese or ham, bacon and pineapple gourmet ingredients, then this is the pizzeria for you.

Best takeout pizza in Stoneham, Massachusetts

If you've been browsing the stores on the town's Main Street and are hungry but need to get home, don't worry, you're in exactly the right place to pick up the best take-out pizza in Stoneham. Drop in to the Amore Pizza and you'll soon have lunch or dinner to go in your hand. Amore Pizza do curbside pick up, but if you parked up and went in you'd find the pizza chefs hard at work behind the counter hand-tossing the dough. They put on quite a show which is great to watch while you're waiting for your pie to cook and definitely more entertaining than watching another rerun on the TV or listening to the drink fridge buzzing away. Amore's doesn't boast about their pizzas being gourmet, but you can expect some flavorsome, classic Italian ingredient combinations that work well together without lacking taste or being over the top.

Best pizza near Stoneham, Massachusetts


Take a ten-mile trip out of Stoneham to Lynn and you'll be on the Massachusetts coast overlooking Nahant Bay. Take a leisurely stroll along Nahant Beach and the fresh sea air will blow away any lingering mental cobwebs, then pay the Lynn Museum or the Lynn Museum of Arts a visit. There are some quite eclectic pieces in the collections so browsing there can be very entertaining. If you want some more outdoor time head for Lynn Woods but pick up a pizza from Nickey's Pizzeria on Lynnfield Street before you go and you can have a picnic in the recreational area there.


Drive fifteen miles northwest of Stoneham to Billerica and you'll be within a short distance of the Billerica State Forest, the Russell Mill Pond State Forest, and the Great Brook Farm State Park. The first two are superb spots if you want to get away from humanity for a few hours and get back to nature among the trees. In the state park, there are miles of trails you can hike through the countryside where you'll find cellar holes left by the early settlers which date back to the 17th century. Back at the farm and museum complex you can tour the working dairy farm there or just head back into town for a pie at Pini's Pizzeria on Boston Road.


Lincoln is around twenty miles west of Stoneham and somewhere to go when you want to combine outdoor recreation with a cultural experience. The deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum is a thirty-acre park containing over sixty large-scale artworks in a beautiful garden setting. In the museum building, there are several galleries as well as interactive exhibits and there are also frequent scavenger hunts you can join in with. After you've seen all there is to see, which can take quite a while, drop in at Country Pizza on Lincoln Road for a homemade pie.

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