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The best pizza in Sturbridge: a local guide

Sturbridge, Massachusetts is a town located in Worcester County. Sturbridge is home to many historical sites including Old Sturbridge Village, which is a living history museum. The approximate population of Sturbridge is around 9,000 residents as recorded by the United States census in 2020.

Sturbridge has plenty of green and natural spaces including Wells State Park, Bigelow Hollow State Park, Westville Lake, Hamilton Reservoir, Spencer State Forest, and many ponds and lakes that are great for kayaking, fishing, or row boating. In addition to the natural attractions, there is also the Optical Heritage Museum.

There are plenty of restaurants, local eateries, and places to spend a relaxing afternoon in Sturbridge. However, here we like to focus on pizzerias, of course! Read on to find out our selections for the best pizza delivery, pizza takeout, and specialty pizzas in and around the area of Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

Sturbridge is Known for New England-style Pizza

New England-style pizza is a unique combination of traditional Italian-style pizzas, Greek pizzas, and pan pizzas. These three pizza-making techniques come together in a delicious combo known as the New England-style pizza. Even though New England-style pizzas are not as famous as some of the other pizza variations, it is beloved by New Englanders all the same.

New England pizzas are made with a crust that is thicker than normal, but not thick enough to be considered a deep dish pizza. The pizza crust is made thick because it is cooked in a pan to give it a crispy exterior with a soft, bready, and airy interior. The interior of the crust is somehow light and fluffy but also dense at the same time.

New England-style pizzas are topped with mozzarella cheese and Italian-inspired tomato sauce just like many other pizza variations. New England-style pizzas can have almost any topping that you would like and are full of flavor regardless of their slight difference from other pizza styles.

Best Delivery Pizza in Sturbridge

The best pizza delivery in Sturbridge is Old Sturbridge Pizza on Main Street. Old Sturbridge Pizza has over 800 reviews and nearly 5 out of 5 stars. The delivery fee is $1.50 to $3 depending on your order. There is no minimum spending requirement for Old Sturbridge pizza delivery orders. Delivery time is typically 35 to 50 minutes depending on your location and order.

Sometimes, Old Sturbridge Pizza offers deals or coupons online so be sure to check that out before you order. At Old Sturbridge Pizza they offer traditional style pizzas that you can get with up to six toppings. You can also get pizza by the slice, either with just cheese or with pepperoni.

There are many other menu items offered by Old Sturbridge Pizza, including wraps, salads, calzones, pasta, in several other dinner entrees including seafood. Order online, in-store, or over the phone today.

Best Pizza Takeout in Sturbridge

The best pizza takeout in Sturbridge is Napoli Pizzeria III, located on Main Street. They have short wait times, fresh pizza, and delicious appetizers. Napoli Pizzeria III has a $15 pick-up order minimum, so make sure that you are aware of that before you order your meal. They have over 200 reviews and 4.9 stars out of 5 stars, so you know that they have a good reputation in the community.

They offer traditional pizzas like plain cheese pizza alongside gourmet pizzas like the Napoli's Pizza which is topped with roasted red peppers, chicken, garlic, and eggplant. Another one of their delicious gourmet pizzas is the Buffalo Pizza which has hot sauce marinated chicken and a blue cheese sauce.

Napoli Pizzeria III also offers pizza by the slice and tons of other pizzeria classics like fried mozzarella, garlic bread, jalapeno poppers, salads, and other side orders to round out your meal.

Best Pizza near Sturbridge


The best pizza in Worcester, Massachusetts is Central Pizza. Central Pizza has been serving the Worcester community since 1967 and offers delicious wings, sub sandwiches, and fantastic pizza. Central Pizza offers delicious pizzas like the Five Meat Pizza, the Spartan Pizza, or the Hermes Pizza. check them out today and enjoy some of their delicious pizzas.


Located just outside of Sturbridge in Southbridge is Great Oak Pizza. Great Oak Pizza is on Main Street and offers delicious specialty pizzas like the Great Oak special, The BLT Pizza, or the Fire pizza, which has buffalo chicken and sliced spicy jalapenos. They also have vegetarian-friendly pizza.

Stafford Springs

Stafford Springs, Connecticut, has a fantastic pizzeria right on Main Street called Stafford House of Pizza. Stafford House of Pizza offers delicious pizzas like the Mozzarella Pizza, the vegetarian Primavera Pizza, the Tex-Mex Pizza, and the French fry Pizza. They offer a variety of toppings and unique flavor combinations that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

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