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The best pizza in Ware: a local guide

Ware was first settled in the early 18th century after a landowner, who had acquired eleven thousand acres in a grant, began to portion the land into plots and lease them. In the ensuing decades the industrious pioneers built sawmills, grist mills and textile mills as well as a few taverns to keep the working forces content. The continued production of cotton-based goods ensured Ware's prosperity until the start of the 20th century. After the town, which is located by the Ware River, reached its population peak in the early 1900s, it's pretty much remained the same ever since. While Ware hasn't developed much during the last century, there were still enough people living there to attract the attention of some ambitious Italians. Once they'd relocated to Ware and set up their pizzerias, the locals were at last able to get their hands on some pizza without having to leave town.

Ware in Massachusetts is known for Thick Crust pizza

When it comes down to pizza in this Massachusetts town, the pizzerias like to keep things basic so Ware is known for thick crust pizza. The pizzerias in Ware don't go a whole bundle on complicated topping ingredient combinations either so if you want something fancy or gourmet style, you'll have to get inventive and create it yourself. In all honesty, thick crust pizza doesn't need fancying up to taste good. The simpler it is, the better it is. This traditional Italian bake of dough, sauce and cheese is really at its best with just one or two extra ingredients. When it's baked like that, in authentic Italian-style, you can enjoy all the flavors of every ingredient without one overpowering the other.

Best Delivery Pizza in Ware, Massachusetts

It's not difficult to find out where to get the best delivery pizza in Ware and that's mainly because not a lot of the pizzerias in Ware offer a delivery service. One Ware pizzeria that likes to look after their clientele and make sure they don't need to leave the confines of their home or miss out on an episode of their favorite TV show while going to get a carry out is Lazer's Pizza and Roast Beef. Lazer's Pizza is housed in an unpretentious premises on East Main Street. Think formica-topped tables, hardback benches and tiled floor and you'll pretty much have the general gist of this pizza joint. They put their hearts into baking the pies though which is, when you're getting a delivery, at the end of the day much more important.

Best Takeout Pizza in Ware, Massachusetts

If you've spent the afternoon boating on the Swift River and are heading back into town with a rumbling stomach, you're going in the right direction to pick up the best take-out pizza in Ware. Head onto West Street and you'll come across the Astronaut Pizza House which is exactly where you need to be. The Astronaut Pizza House is in quite a residential area, but you don't need to worry about parking up as they have a lot at the back of the building. Astronaut is another bench, table and tile pizza joint so don't expect the interior to be posh because it's not. You will get a friendly welcome though which is worth a lot more and a great pie. Who could ask for anything more?

Best Pizza near Ware, Massachusetts


Belchertown is a short fifteen mile drive west from Ware and a Massachusetts town surrounded by a surplus of superb spots for outdoor recreation. Top of any to-do list would have to be a visit to Arcadia Lake where you'll find Belchertown Beach. That's closely followed by the Norwottuck Rail Trail which is an eleven mile long paved trail following the route of an old rail track that's perfect for cycling, hiking or rollerblading. If you have a head for heights and want to see Massachusetts from a bird's eye angle then head for the Mt Holyoke Range State Park where there are thirty miles of trails seven miles-worth of which lead along a mountain ridge with exceptional views. When you come back down and are ready for a pizza, you can get a good one at Antonio's Pizza on Federal Street.


For gardeners, art fans and bird watchers in Ware, Northmpton has to be a must-visit. Northampton is twenty-five miles west of Ware and where you'll find the Smith College Museum of Art, the Botanic Garden of Smith and the Mount Tom State Reservation. At the art museum there are extensive collections of artworks as well as collections of treasures from around the world. The botanic gardens contains different sections that includes a Japanese garden, a rock garden and a Systematics garden as well as a large conservatory and an exhibition gallery. Hike up the hills in the Mount Tom State Reservation and you'll be rewarded not only with sightings of hawks but scenic views of the Pioneer Valley too. When it's time to eat, drop by the Pinocchio Pizzeria on East Main Street where they serve great pizzas.


When you're in need of some big city vibes you can't get locally, get in the car and make the twenty-eight mile drive southwest to Springfield. While you may feel obliged to make part of your day there cultural by visiting the Springfield Museum, the Springfield Armory National Historic Site or the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, if you're with youngsters they'd probably prefer some of the other activities Springfield has to offer. Take the kids to the Amazing World of Dr Seuss Museum followed by the Six Flags New England theme and water park and you'll be getting the parent of the month award without a doubt. Finish the day with a pizza at the Salerno Pizzeria on Liberty Street and you may well be voted parent of the year.

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