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Maine is not a state that comes to mind when you hear the word “pizza”. However, Maine is full of citizens who love pizza pie - particularly the Greek-style pizza. Lately, you will also find that many upstart, gourmet pizzerias are opening up state-wide as well.

In Maine, a Greek pizza is a little different than it is in other parts of the country. Portland’s Greek-style pizza is seasoned with oregano, gooey cheese, and is baked in an oiled pan. Traditionally, a Greek pizza would have olives and feta cheese, but the Portland variant does not.

Pizza first came to Portland about 70 years ago. Since then, plenty of statewide chains and local, family-owned pizzerias have popped up. There are a variety of restaurants to explore and enjoy in this area.

Next time you are craving Portland pizza, you will want to try one of the state’s local specialty dishes. You will not be disappointed.

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The best pizza in Portland: a local guide

Portland is a city known for their Greek-style pizzas. Local pizzerias will use white cheddar or mozzarella, tomato paste, red pepper seasoning, oregano, and plenty of toppings to your choosing.

Greek pizza is cooked in a metal pan instead of being stretched and cooked in a brick oven. It also tends to have an oily crust, since the pan is heavily greased before the dough is put inside of it. The toppings are applied on a layer of cheese over sauce- much like other pizza styles.

Overall, the Portland area loves Greek-style pizzas. If you want to try the area’s classic dish for yourself, there are many restaurants that offer it. You can even find more authentic Greek pizza styles, as well as the modern variants in this city. Although, locals agree that you can not go wrong with a Greek-styled slice from Portland.

Best Delivery Pizza in Portland

Pizzaiolo on Cumberland Avenue has the fastest pizza delivery in Portland- they also have some very delicious dishes that you might want to taste for yourself. On top of Greek slices, the pizzeria also offers plenty of New York-style pies. The restaurants' New York slices are very large, so they tend to sell them by the slice instead of by whole pies. You will still feel very full after eating one piece- so don’t worry about that! Customers rated this place very highly online and felt that it was perfect for getting delivery or takeout.

They also are open late and offer plenty of other Italian dishes. Some of the customer’s favorites included the meatball sub, veggie pizza, and the white stone spinach. Next time you are craving pizza late at night, be sure to order from Pizziolo if you are in Portland.

Best Takeout Pizza in Portland

Pat’s Pizza Old Port is a favorite for many people living in Portland. Customers felt that they could get plenty of deals and that the pizza was delicious. They also brought up enjoying the bar environment in reviews posted online. However, if you have young ones at home, then you would likely prefer takeout.

The late-night environment inside of the store is fun. Plus, the staff always ensure that everyone has a nice time and your meal is cooked to perfection. If you are driving through the area, their takeout options are usually pretty fast too.

Overall, there are many reasons to give this joint a try. Their food is good and plenty of locals eat it often- they would likely recommend it to you as well. For travelers, this location is right across from a hotel, making it a convenient pizza place to get takeout from while on a trip in Portland. You can try Pat’s Pizza today.

Best Pizza Near Portland


Westbrook is just a little West of Portland; you can get there in a little over 15 minutes by car. If you are in the area, you will want to try the food from Westbrook House of Pizza. They are open every day and the owners have more than 50 years of experience, allowing them to offer the best customer service and meals. Plenty of locals choose this as their go-to pizza place because of this.


Yarmouth is just North of Portland and is a 15-minute drive. For those in the city, Yarmouth has plenty of delicious pizza places- the best being OTTO. The store is considered to be the best Italian food restaurant in the city. They service a wide variety of authentic Italian dishes and offer some of the best experiences to their customers. The shop also serves wine and beer, and even offers takeout options.


Gorham is located to the West of Portland and is a little further away, about 20 minutes by car. Angelo’s Pizza is a local restaurant that would be worth stopping at. They also have plenty of American and Italian dishes- all made from natural cheeses and fresh tomatoes. The atmosphere also is enjoyable, according to the store’s many happy customers.

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