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The best pizza in York: a local guide

In York, ME, you’ll find several wood-fired pizza styles. Although, one of the most common types of pie in the area would have to be the New York slice. This option provides you with a thin, crispy crust, which many of the locals enjoy. We’re sure that you’ll love the texture too! Overall, New York pizza is delicious and you should try it while in town.

The dish originated in New York City, hence its name. The pie was created by Italian immigrants who opened up pizzerias in the city after WWII. It didn’t take long for the recipes to spread and take on a life of its own. The pizza became a popular street food in NY, then spread across the country. Soon, you could even find it in York, ME.

In short, today you’ll have plenty of options for ordering a classic New York slice in town. You get a large, thin crust that comes with a ton of gooey cheese and any toppings that you want. Next time you’re feeling hungry, make sure to order through us!

Best Delivery Pizza in York

Do you want to get some pizza delivered for dinner tonight? We recommend that you try food from the York House of Pizza. Many customers appreciated the great prices they were able to get for all of their food. You’ll find plenty of deals and always get great value. Additionally, the place is very fast at preparing meals.

While their most popular menu item is the pepperoni pizza, you’ll also want to try some of their sides and other dishes. Many customers recommend that you try their Greek Salad with grilled chicken. It’s delicious and all of the ingredients in the salad are of great quality.

Overall, you’re sure to have a pleasant experience when you order from this place. Many customers felt that they had amazing service, great food, and a fast delivery time. When you place your order, you can expect it to be arriving at your door any moment- hot and ready to eat!

Best Takeout Pizza in York

However, maybe you want to try some delicious takeout instead? We recommend that you order from York54 Pizza. This pizzeria has plenty of great takeout items, which you can get pretty quickly. If you need something for a fast lunch, then be sure to give them a try!

They have plenty of unique, delicious menu items. For instance, you’ll want to make sure to order their red curry pizza, the baby kale and beets salad, and the cinder BBQ pizza. These options are all extremely tasty and made from fresh ingredients.

When you place your order, the staff make sure that it’s ready for you by your arrival time. You’ll want to order ahead if you’re in a rush. That way you can get your food as soon as you’re ready to eat. You can use the link below to place your order.

Best Pizza Near York

Boston, MA

We’d have to say that Galleria Umberto is the best place to eat in Boston. They offer authentic Italian meals, including pizzas and calzones. They also have amazing prices and a ton of flavor in every bite. You’re also sure to have a good experience with the staff.

Eliot, ME

If you’re in Eliot, ME, we’d have to recommend that you order from the When Pigs Fly Pizzeria. They’re open in the evenings and have the best dinner menus. Additionally, you always receive friendly customer service and amazing food.

Portsmouth, NH

In Portsmouth, we’d suggest you go to Bratskellar Pizza Pub. They have great prices and always make sure that you’re well taken care of. The location also offers plenty of toppings and makes sure your food is made perfectly every time.

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