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Dearborn is a place where life has motored on quite nicely over the years and still does. This city was the birthplace of one of the automobile industry’s giants, Henry Ford. Everywhere you go in Dearborn, there's a reminder of the man who built cars and introduced the assembly line system of working to factories.

The Henry Ford College at Michigan University, and The Henry Ford Museum as well as the world headquarters for Ford vehicles are all buildings carrying a name that has gone down in history. It's one, in Dearborn particularly, that won't be forgotten. The acres of agricultural land which once surrounded Dearborn were where he chose to locate his production plant. That was an act that brought economic prosperity to the city and a rapid growth in its population. Pizza arrived in Dearborn in the same era along with those workers who migrated from Detroit and other cities nearby.

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Dearborn is known for deep dish pizza

Many of the workers who moved to Dearborn in the early days were born to the first European immigrants to arrive in Michigan. They brought with them recipes for pizza dough and methods of cooking pies that had been handed down through generations. With that continued authenticity and the upkeep of age-old traditions in preparation, Dearborn has become known for deep dish pizza.

There's no Americanization of deep dish in Dearborn as there is with a Chicago-style pie. First comes the dough which is smeared with a tomato sauce, sprinkled with various toppings then topped with cheese. What pizzerias in Dearborn excel at is adapting their pies to suit the local residents. From using more sophisticated ingredients to the norm for creating gourmet pizzas to halal ingredients suitable for the large Muslim community in the city, they ensure that no-one in Dearborn goes without their slice of pie.

Best delivery pizza in Dearborn, Michigan

When you can't get off campus or need to take your lunch break in the work's canteen, there's no reason why you can't have pizza and a gourmet one if you want it. One of the best delivery pizzas in Dearborn comes from Cottage Inn Pizza. They have a swift delivery service too so none of your precious break time will be wasted while anxiously waiting for your pie.

Cottage Inn Pizza send out their pies from a columned and Romanesque-looking premises on North Telegraph Road. But that's all pretty irrelevant when you're expecting a delivery guy with a pizza box. And deliver they do, in a first class way, with their Kickin Chicken and Motor City Meatball pies. If you're vegetarian, then you'll love the pizzas from Cottage Inn. You won't need to go cheese-less as they use a vegan-friendly, plant-based cheese for topping.

Best takeout pizza in Dearborn, Michigan

When you're cruising off to an appointment or a meeting and don't want to park up to get some food, don't limit yourself to a burger or some fried chicken. Not only do Toarmina's Pizza on Cherry Hill Street dish out the best take-out pizza in Dearborn, they offer a convenient drive-through service too.

Toarmina's Pizza is the end establishment in a gray cement block of small retail outlets. They have a side hatch where you can pull up kerbside to pick up your order fast-food style and fast service is what you can expect. Inside Toarmina's they're all business and the business is serving great pizza. They have a full range too so whether you elect to create your own or choose one of their classic combinations, are vegan, follow a halal or gluten-free diet, you'll soon have a delicious pie in your hand.

Best pizza near Dearborn, Michigan

River Rouge

If you're working out at the industrial plants on Zug Island, don't feel marooned among the steel mills and coke processing plants. You won't need to go far to get to River Rouge where you can get away from the noise and pollution to enjoy a peaceful lunch. Drive straight over the Jefferson Rouge River Bridge, keep on West Jefferson Avenue and you'll find Hungry Howie's Pizza right by the roadside.


If you've landed at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, you won't be far from Romulus. As well as being known as the land of the ditches, the outskirts of Romulus is where the airport is located. While there's not much to see there, Romulus did play its part historically by being a stop on the Underground Railway. The best stop in Romulus now is Leonardo's Italian Grill on Merriman Avenue for a Sicilian-style pie.

Orchard Lake Village

When you need to escape from the industrialization of Dearborn, head less than thirty miles north and you'll discover Orchard Lake Village. Built around the shores of Michigan state's second largest lake, Lake Orchard, it's a tranquil place where you can recharge your batteries with no chemical interference, go hiking on Apple Island, sail a boat, and spot wildlife. When it's time to eat, you'll find Little Caesar's Pizza ready to welcome you on Orchard Lake Road.


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