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The beautiful city of Livonia that’s today popular for its acres of park and nature areas used to be home to the Potawatomi Indians well before explorers from New England arrived to settle in the area. Livonia has long been a successful agricultural community, and the fertile soil and abundant farming harvests were the main attraction for the pioneers who eventually gave it the name Livonia, after the town in New York. Livonia became a township in 1835 and expanded its agricultural prowess across the region until the 1900s when it became an industrial epicenter, all thanks to the development of the automobile industry in the region. Palestinians and Lebanese were top among the immigrants that were drawn here but the Italian community also started to expand, so much so that by the 1950s, pizza places were already springing up in Livonia. Today, you’ll find pizzerias scattered around the city catering to the cravings of its residents.

The best pizza in Livonia: a local guide

When you consider how close Detroit is to Livonia, you’d expect that every corner of the city would be filled with pizza joints serving square pan thin-crust Detroit-style pizza. Alas, the residents of Livonia have other plans and lean more towards Chicago deep-dish pizza than the pie that originated in their sister community of Detroit. In fairness though, they like their deep-dish pie in a square pan, which is something you could probably attribute to Detroit, anyway. As you step into any of the pizzerias in Livonia for a box of pie, expect to find the pizza chefs baking the pizza in heavy square steel pans. The final product features a flaky crust with a crunchy edge, as well as a thick sauce that goes on top of the cheese that melts into the crust. Some of the townies often call this style of pie Detroit-style deep dish because of the subtle cross-over in preparation methods employed by the pizza chefs when cooking the pie.

Best Delivery Pizza in Livonia

It’s okay if you’re feeling lazy on a cool afternoon or evening, and all that’s on your mind is getting tasty pizza delivered to you from the best joint in the city. You have nothing to worry about because there’s a pizzeria in Livonia that’s just right for you, and that’s Valentino’s Pizza on Five Mile Road. As the pizza place with the best delivery service in the city, your cravings will be fully satisfied, and quickly too, because they deliver on time. As you await the pie, bear in mind that it’s going to be made with the best ingredients, all of which will be fresh and natural – no preservatives. You can bet that the pie you’re getting delivered to you from here is the best in the city, seeing as Valentino’s has been serving Livonia pie aficionados since 1994. Place an order on Slice today and expect prompt delivery of that delicious piping hot pizza.

Best Takeout Pizza in Livonia

Your takeout pizza is as good as where you get it from, and pie aficionados in Livonia know this. That’s why the principal destination for everyone that fancies takeout in the city is Zino’s Subs & Pizza on Newburgh Road. Popularly referred to as “a diamond in the rough” and “a rose among thorns” by everyone that has become a regular here, you can expect to consistently get high-quality pizza here as you head home from work or drive around town. There’s a long list of pies that Zino’s pizza chefs cook using fresh ingredients, so you won’t run out of pizza specials to choose from. If you’re one of those that prefer to build their own pie from scratch, you’re covered too, since there’s room for creativity here. All in all, from the moment you pick up your pie in the restaurant, or have it brought to your car at the parking lot, you’ll keep salivating till you’re done eating.

Best Pizza Near Livonia


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