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The best pizza in Monroe: a local guide

If you are in Monroe, you need to take some time to try out their Detroit-style pizza. This is a thick pizza made into the shape of a square. The bottom layer is crunchy and fried and the crust has a ton of cheese. This is similar to the Sicilian. What sets it apart is that the cheese goes all the way to the crust and the sauce is put right on the top.

Due to how it is made, this pizza is doughy and gooey in the center with a crunchy crust on the outside for everyone to enjoy. The traditional topping to choose on this style of pizza is pepperoni, but you can choose any topping you want.

The Best Delivery Pizza in Monroe

One of the best places to go to get a good pizza delivered to your door is at the Clamdiggers Lounge and Pizzeria. This is a unique pizzeria in the Monroe area that is certain to please and will provide some of the best tastes in the area.

While there, you can certainly choose to work with some of the traditional pizzas like cheese and pepperoni. They even have the well-known Detroit-style pizza for you to choose. But why not go on the wild side and try out their mashed potato pizza for something new?

This pizzeria also provides a lot of great sides and additional food to help you get the best out of your delivery experience. The food is always hot and fresh and the delivery will be done in no time!

The Best Takeout Pizza in Monroe

Bringing home a pizza at the end of the day can make you the hero of the night. And the best place to get some good takeout pizza in the Monroe area is at Pope’s Pizzeria. They make a wide variety of pizzas on some great dough options that are made in-house.

Many customers appreciate some of the different aspects of this pizza. First, the dough is nice and thick, almost like having a piece of bread rather than a crust. If the crunchy taste of some other options does not appeal to you, this will be great.

The pizzas are large and can fill the whole family. And they can be done quickly so you can get one on the way home at the end of the night.

The Best Pizza Near Monroe


If you are looking for a unique place to eat and have some good pizza, then you need to stop at Sweetwater Gourmet Deli and Bar. This sweet restaurant has a varied menu, but their pizza is one of the best out there. While there, make sure to check out “The Greek”, which is a style of pizza they are known for. This will be a unique pie that is covered in black olives, feta cheese, garlic, and olive oil.

Ann Arbor

The Mani Osteria and Bar is the next stop on your list. This place is one of the best to get an artisan pizza that is unlike anything else. It has a ton of Italian dining options in the state. Choose from some gourmet toppings like garlic cream, sun-gold tomatoes, and goat cheese and you are sure to find a good pizza that is not going to disappoint.


Make sure to check out Rebel Pies when you are in the Muskegon area. This is a great place to find some of the craft pizzas on the list and they are known for having a ton of unique options if you want a fresh slice of pizza that is truly unique. Try out the Thai-style pizza or their Chalupa Batman which is a Mexican-inspired pie that everyone loves.

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