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The best pizza in Wyoming: a local guide

Deep-dish pizza is associated with the name Chicago. Why? The pizza is reported to have originated from Pizzeria Uno in Chicago in 1943. Even though the city lies over 300 miles from Wyoming, the pizza style has earned approval among its residents.

Chicago deep-dish pizza is prepared using buttery dough baked in a round or square pan seasoned liberally with olive oil to allow easy removal and create a fried effect on the edges of the crust. The dough is laid and stretched along the sides, forming a cavity to hold the fillings.

The pizza is characterized by a tall, flaky crust with layers of mozzarella cheese and thick tomato sauce. If you are looking for the best deep-dish experience in Wyoming, you will get in from Palermo Pizza. The pizzeria delivers value and variety when it comes to this decadent pizza.

Best Delivery Pizza in Wyoming

Palermo Pizza is an easy-going family-owned pizzeria serving relatively large pizzas and substantial Italian entrees. The pizzeria promises high-quality pizza with rich toppings. Living up to their promise, you are guaranteed fresh and hot delivery pizza with delicious cheese and a flavorful sauce.

The pizza menu offers the option to build your own pizza, a selection of specialty gluten-free pizzas, classic and gourmet round pizzas, as well as specialty and gourmet deep-dish square pizza. Be sure to try their 24" Super Deluxe Pizza. It is well done and loaded with a perfect combination of fresh mozzarella cheese, numerous meat toppings, and a selection of veggies.

If you want to try something different from their menu, it would be great to note that their subs are loaded with toppings, and their cheese breadsticks are a winner. They are made with lots of cheese and a melty, buttery flavor.

Best Takeout Pizza in Wyoming

For a seamless takeout experience, order from Lombardo's Pizza. The local pizza shop, conveniently located on Lee Street, serves pizza, pasta, and subs. The pizza menu offers classic topping pizzas and specialty pizzas. Their pizzas are made with a fluffy crust topped with tremendous amounts of cheese and sweet-tasting sauce. One thing you will love about Lombardo's Pizza is that they are willing to make your desired pizza if it's not on their menu.

While some people might think that pineapple doesn't belong on a pizza, you might have to make an exception for Lombardo’s Pulled Pork Pizza. The pie is piled high with a perfect combination of shredded pork, onions, pineapple, banana peppers, and BBQ sauce.

Aside from pizza, the restaurant also offers perfectly moist Chicken Tenders and delicious Wet Burritos. The burrito is wet because it is drenched in enchilada sauce and cheese. The customer can add their choice of customary burrito ingredients like refried beans, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos.

Best Pizza Near Wyoming


Kentwood is a cultural melting pot in Kent County. The city provides the perfect combination of busy and laid back; you get a mixture of city and suburb life. The city has many big tall trees, beautiful views, and plenty of restaurants within walking distance.

If you are looking for a pie to satisfy in the city, head to PJ's Pizza, Coffee & Ice Cream. The eatery is Kentwood's destination for handcrafted savory and sweet treats and hand-tossed pizzas made from homemade dough and shredded cheese without any additives. Their pizzas are topped with traditional and specialty toppings. If you look to lower gluten in your diet, you will appreciate their gluten-free crust pizza prepared with a slightly sweet base of rice and tapioca flour.

Byron Center

If you travel less than ten miles north of Wyoming, you will find a small town growing quite rapidly. Byron Center offers many activities that require you to drive very far. There's a library, two parks, charming pizzerias, and the Kent Trails, all close together.
Mineo's Pizza serves hand-tossed pan-baked cracker-thin crust pizza with a flaky, crispy crust as well as specialty pizzas and wood-fired pizzas. Their pizza dough, pizza sauce, and even their Italian sausage are all made in-house. Additionally, the restaurant offers a choice of garlic parmesan and sesame seed flavored crust. They also have allergy-friendly and gluten-free options and are careful not to cross-contaminate.

Grand Rapids

Whether you are touring or looking to move into this little slice of paradise, Grand Rapids is a charming city with so much to offer. It is big enough to feel like a thriving and energetic city with good food and great art but small enough to be intimate and accommodating.

If you are a sucker for perfect crust pizzas, you will appreciate pizza from Heritage Hill Pizza. The pizzeria serves over 25 specialty pizzas on all different crusts. They have thick, thin, gluten-free, and New York-style crusts. Heritage Hill also makes excellent take n bake pizzas and stuffed pizzas. Their pizzas are served with various sauces, from olive oil to alfredo to tomato. A lack of choice won’t be a problem here.

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