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Salem is a suburb of Boston in the heart of Rockingham County. The city is considered one of the most diverse places to live in New Hampshire. Its population comprises vibrant and hardworking young professionals. With plenty of community events and festivals being held in the city, there is always room for connection among the residents. Home to the largest shopping mall in New Hampshire, the city is considered a busy commercial hub. With New Hampshire lacking any state sales tax, Salem has grown into a popular shopping destination.
Regarding the dining scene, you don’t have to travel to find a decent meal. There is a wide array of restaurants and pizzerias. However, one interesting thing to note is that every pizzeria has personalized their pizza, creating a sustainable competitive advantage. From crafty shapes to signature pizza toppings and sauces, the pizza is certainly not boring in Salem.

The best pizza in Salem: a local guide

Pizza with a thick crust and a rectangular shape? Yes, please. Pizzerias in Salem have perfected the art of making authentic Sicilian-style pizza. The pizza was born in Sicily, Italy. Initially, the pizza was served in a standard round shape, but it was modified upon arrival to North America.

The pizza is prepared using thick spongy dough and baked in a seasoned square pan with olive oil. It’s fluffy with a crispy edge and bottom. The bottom of the pizza looks fried, and each slice is in the shape of a block. The sauce used on Sicilian pizza is characteristically thick and is placed over the cheese and toppings to avoid getting soaked up by the fluffy dough.

Residents of Salem love their Sicilian pizza rectangular, with over an inch-thick dough, an airy interior, and a thick, crunchy base. Restaurants offer an extensive selection of toppings to choose from to keep things interesting.

Best Delivery Pizza in Salem

If you are looking for outstanding delivery pizza, it would be best to try Blue House Family Pizza. This family-run pizzeria opened its doors to the residents of Salem in early 1998. Since then, they have consistently served flavorful meals. With a perfectly cooked crust and a tangy blend of cheeses, you will enjoy every bite, even if you are no fan of pizza. The Garlic and Broccoli and the Meat Lovers Pizza are especially popular. Once you have exhausted all the pizza options, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to explore everything else the menu has to offer. For example, the Gyros at Blue House Family Pizza are outstanding! If you order these, make sure you’re starving. The chef will load your plate with perfectly crisp fries or onion rings. It’s probably a meal that is best shared between two people.

Best Takeout Pizza in Salem

If you need to pick up your pizza, order takeout from Tessi’s Pizzeria. This family-owned restaurant has an exemplary reputation for excellent service and superior quality meals. Tessi’s staff are very efficient, which makes it a quick stop for takeout. Your pizza is always made fresh when you order. Expect an extensive menu here, especially when it comes to pizza. If you want to, you can order a different pizza every single day of the month without eating the same thing twice. This is a restaurant with something for everyone. Choose from the Vegetarian Pizza, a Basic Cheese Pizza, or numerous other Specialty Pizzas. If you’re getting takeout from Monday to Thursday, make sure you check with them for any specials. Check out their ziti if you ever exhaust the pizza menu; it has grilled chicken, broccoli, and garlic in a flavorful olive oil sauce.

Best Pizza Near Salem


Located only five miles northwest of Salem, Atkinson is a serene town in southern New Hampshire. If you are looking for good pizza, Atkinson House of Pizza and Roast Beef is a great place to start.
Sample their Steak and Cheese Pizza. The steak is juicy, and when combined with an excellent pizza crust, it tastes nothing short of brilliant. Thís cozy restaurant also offers generous portions of salads, fresh subs, and finger-licking roast beef sandwiches.


Better known as ‘Space Town, ’ Derry is home to the first astronaut. This has made the town a popular tourist destination. As a result, it’s no surprise that the restaurants here offer diverse cuisines.
When it comes to pizza, Charlie Mac's Pizzeria offers a superior taste. The pizzeria incorporates high-quality ingredients to achieve rich flavor and consistency in their famous dough. If you want to try different items on their menu, the calzones or wings would be a great idea. They manage to offer a wide variety of food options without sacrificing quality.


Hampstead is a small town north of Salem that provides a good balance of a town center and beach. It is always a great idea to get some pizza in Hampstead on your way to or from the beach. You can’t go wrong with Cherry Village Pizza. The price and quality of pizza in this restaurant are anything but basic. Cherry Village offers a hometown feel with efficient and prompt staff. You’ll get your pizza just in time for your next activity.

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